Learn About DevOps Foundation Course at Zeolearn

How about acquiring a freestanding certification from DevOps Institute? Do you know that DevOps has become one of the most in-demand skills for both small and big organizations? Then why not increase our skills to get the highest-paid technical jobs. But before enrolling in the DevOps Foundation course, let’s have a deep insight into what the course offers.

Overview of the Course

This foundation course introduces you to DevOps, which is a professional and cultural movement that emphasizes communication, integration, cooperation, and automation to enhance workflow between IT operations experts and software engineers. Improved processes will allow for speedier design, deployment, development, and operation of services and software. This course helps by improving the capacity of IT to develop software in a faster mode to enhance the business’s ability to offer value to consumers more quickly.

The course thus covers a wide range of core vocabulary and ideas of DevOps along with other elements of DevOps (technology, people, and processes). It also helps in gaining ideas that need to have to adopt a DevOps culture when the organization comes into the change. This is given through training that enhances learning via actual hands-on activities.

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Why DevOps Foundation Course?

Organizations are aiming to implement techniques that give technical benefits such as continual application development, faster resolutions, reduced issue intricacy, and a more reliable regulatory regime. Different organizations are now seeking to hire product/project managers that are well-versed with the usage of various DevOps technologies and tools and can easily apply those to resolve technical and commercial challenges that have a high demand. You will need to know about DevOps Engineer Certification

Features of Course

  • Immersive training for 16 hours.
  • A hands-on learning process that is engaging.
  • Learn DevOps practices and technologies to enhance the performance of the organization’s processes.
  • Understand the concepts of DevOps for system cooperation between development, operations, and quality assurance.
  • You will be guided and prepared for the DevOps Foundation Certification test after you take this course.
  • Get genuine certification from Zeolearn which is a DevOps Institute (DOI) under Registered Education Partner (REP).

What do you get to learn?

  • You can learn the ways to use DevOps skills and methodologies to boost the effectiveness of all operations and project infrastructure.
  • Learn to give speedier solutions to difficulties and nip them in the bud before they get too complicated.
  • Learn about continuous integration, server installation automation, deployment configurations, and packaging.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Scripting and the process of using Bash/Python to automate different tasks.

Skills you will gain

The 16-hour DevOps Course from Zeolearn will offer you an overview of DevOps. Taking the training from this institution that provides training through industry experienced trainers will teach you the methods of using these concepts to establish systematic cooperation between operations, development, and QA to deliver a higher quality result.

Who can get into the course?

Participants who will be benefitted from this DevOps Foundation Course:

  • Project managers,
  • Testing professionals,
  • Software developers,
  • Architects
  • Other professionals who are involved in enterprise architecture.

Now that you know every detail regarding the DevOps Foundation Course, get yourself enrolled in Zeolearn to get a planned study program and certification.

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