Which college is best for MBA without entrance?

Aspiring MBA students can join several respectable top MBA colleges without entrance exam because of their affordable fees. There’s no need for any entrance exam because many MBA colleges allow direct admission. It is a fact that most MBA colleges accept applications through examinations such as the CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP, and several others. Direct MBA admission is also offered by several respectable private MBA colleges, which have lower tuition than public universities in Delhi. The AICTE recommended the associated MBA colleges in Delhi NCR accept direct admission based on applicants’ academic records if the institute is unable to perform its entrance test.

Private MBA colleges like KCC Institute of Management in Greater Noida are the only ones that give direct admission in MBA without entrance exam. These institutions use the same direct admissions procedure as any other course. On the other hand, candidates for admission through the CAT exam need to clear the rounds of Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Let’s examine the List of MBA Colleges without Entrance Exam and discover more about this in-depth.

Direct Admission under Management Quota

In MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, there are seats reserved exclusively for admission under the management quota. Most MBA colleges in Delhi NCR without entry exams offer this service, however, not all of them do. All eligible MBA applicants were asked to apply immediately by an announcement or advertisement in the press or on the institute’s website. Every applicant needs to fulfill the management quota requirement. To find out more about it, all candidates are urged to go to the college’s official website.

  • In most MBA colleges, 15% of the seats with cheap fees would be set aside for management quota.
  • The recommendations of the institute’s upper management and administrative authorities are followed while filling these posts. Additionally typical in MBA programs without entrance exams is the NRI quota.
  • The Principal or Director of the appropriate unaided management institute may invite applications for admission by posting an announcement on the institute’s website or in the media.
  • On the college’s official website, candidates may also check information on MBA Management Quota Admission.

Eligibility Criteria of MBA Selection under Management Quota

  • Based on their graduation results, candidates will be chosen. It should be mentioned that applicants choosing to use the management quota must have met the requirements for eligibility. 
  • Under the management quota, students are not eligible for any scholarships under direct admission. 
  • Candidates must provide supporting documentation, including their mark sheets from grades 12 and 10, their character certificate, their migration certificate, and a passport-sized picture.

Eligibility criteria for top MBA colleges without entrance exam

The requirements for admission to an MBA program directly without taking an entrance exam are different from those for admissions based on entrance. The following top MBA colleges in Delhi with fees and deemed universities’ MBA eligibility requirements:

  • a minimum of 65% in undergraduate coursework, with a 5% relaxation for the protected category 
  • 50% of undergraduate courses are required for students enrolling in private MBA programs under the management quota. 
  • For each step of the “direct-ins” selection procedure. Some colleges use a series of interviews to shortlist applicants for direct MBA admission.
  • Results from the MAT, CMAT, NMAT, XAT, and SNAP exams may be used by some colleges to determine admission.

Documents needed for direct admission in MBA without entrance exam

  1. Transfer Certificate 
  2. Adhar Card/ License / PAN card Voter ID card/or any other identity proof issued by govt of India
  3. Graduation Marksheet
  4. Reservation Certificate (If applicable)
  5. Sports Certificate (If Applicable)
  6. Passport Size Photographs

Important points to remember for direct admission in MBA without entrance exam to MBA Colleges

  • Make a list of the top colleges that fit your requirements and interests. 
  • Make careful you visit the college’s official campus before acceptance as there are a lot of fake universities that may be found online. Although this list of MBA colleges is entirely accurate. 
  • The college has to get AICTE or UGC approval.  
  • Please confirm that the college offers the course or specialization you want.

What is the admission procedure of an MBA to the KCC Institute of Management and Technology for MBA admission?

To apply for admission to an MBA program, you must complete the steps listed below:

  • You must first visit the official college website.
  • The “Enquire Now” link will show up on the right side of the screen when you submit the form.
  • We’ll put you in touch with someone on our team.
  • Get all the information you need, go to the college if you can, and make sure this is the right choice.
  • Once the admission form has been filled out, click the “Apply Now” option located on the left side of the screen.
  • You have successfully registered, and we will send you the details you need immediately.
  • Your registration will be confirmed upon the payment of the first semester’s fees.

List of MBA Colleges without entrance exam

Beyond taking the CAT MBA exam, there are more methods for getting admission to direct MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. Various colleges use various admission exams. However, some universities provide management quotas that enable candidates to be admitted directly into MBA programs.

It’s time to review the listings of universities that provide direct admission in MBA without entrance exam and their fees now that you know the essential details about admission to MBA programs without an entrance exam. This can help you choose top MBA colleges in Delhi with fees that provide direct admission to the field of your preference.

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR Fees
Faculty of Management Studies INR 10,800
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University INR 1-5 Lakh
KCC Institute of Management INR 3 Lakh
Jamia Milia Islamia INR 48000-5 Lakh
Indian Institute of Management Rohtak INR 16-27 Lakh
Delhi School of Management INR 2.87 Lakh
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade INR 21 Lakh
Indian Institute of Technology INR 10.4 Lakh
BIMTech INR 15 Lakh


Choosing the top MBA colleges without entrance exam is a difficult task. List the colleges that most closely match your interests and requirements. Because there are a lot of fake institutions out there, make sure you visit the college’s actual campus before applying. Nevertheless, this list of MBA colleges in Delhi is completely up to date. The college needs approval from the AICTE or UGC. Please make sure the college has the course or specialization you need to be offered.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the management quota’s MBA admission meant?

A management quota is a set percentage of seats reserved for MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. These seats are filled at the direction of upper management and the institute’s administration.

Q2. Which documents are needed for direct admission?

  1. Graduation Marksheet
  2. Reservation Certificate (If applicable)
  3. Sports Certificate (If Applicable)
  4. Transfer Certificate 
  5. any identifying document issued by the Indian government, such as an Adhar card, voter ID card, license, PAN card, or other
  6. Passport Size Photographs

Q3. Does direct admission have any eligibility requirements?

Yes, there is a requirement that has to be satisfied to get direct admission in MBA without entrance exam.

  • There is no upper age limit for direct admission to MBA programs.
  • Many colleges provide screening tests, such as GD and PI Rounds, for direct admission.
  • With a minimum cumulative score of 50%, the candidates must have obtained a graduate degree in their relevant subjects.

Q4. Which MBA college offers direct admission to the finest MBA programs?

The best options for those seeking an MBA when it comes to direct admission in MBA without entrance exam are private institutions and business colleges. Among the universities are:

  • The School of Inspired Leadership at Regenesys Institute of Management in Mumbai and Gurgaon is called SOIL.
  • Amity University’s Global B-school School is situated in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, and several other places.
  • Amity University, Noida’s 
  • CII School of Logistics
  • GIBS, Bangalore

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