Your Guide to Lingam Massage

If you’ve heard about tantric sex, you’ve probably knownwhat secret tantric massage treatment is. Lingam massage is just a tantric massage treatment process that requires massaging the penis.The objective of lingam massage is just not only to have a good time. However, it is intended to foster a contemplative sexual and spiritual encounter.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what is a lingam massage, how to perform it to your body or your partners’, as well as some of the advantages of the tantric massage treatment.

What is a Lingam Massage?

Tantric methods, according to some modern conceptions of this history, are not just about sex. Tantric massage treatment, on the other side, entails learning how to develop sexual energy leading to a genuine sense of satisfaction.

Lingam massage, based on the Sanskrit word that means “penis,” is a tantric technique that involves rubbing the penis and surrounding regions.The following body parts are treated when lingam massage is performed:

  • Penis
  • Testicles
  • Perineum
  • Prostate

Lingam massage isn’t just to achieve orgasm. The ultimate goal is to have total spiritual and sexual pleasure.

How Do You Provide a Lingam Massage?

Technique expertise is required for all kinds of tantric massage, also lingam massage.Here’s how to do a lingam massage for your own body or your spouse using the best method.

Set the Tone

Creating a nice environment and mentality might help you or your spouse endure a lingam massage.

Take some time before the treatment to express your thoughts and cultivate an open attitude. This can assist to set the emotional tone within the treatment and appreciate it as spiritual as well as sexual.

To establish a warm but also appealing spiritual physical space:

  • Make use of new beddings
  • Turn down the lights
  • Light a few candles
  • Play some calming music

Start preparing the oils

Massage oils assist in reducing friction and the improvement of experience during treatment. Massage oils come in a variety of flavors, including anyone with any kind of scents.

Scented oil can assist improve both focus and desire when the tantric lingam massage takes place.

Whatever oil you select, go for something natural and safe, especially if you have sensitive skin. Natural oils that are commonly used include:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil

Start gradually.

Begin the massage by concentrating on the edges, such as the:

  • Upper thighs
  • Inner thighs
  • Lower abdomen

Set the scene for a sexual experience by moving your hands gently and thoughtfully across the skin.If you’re delivering the lingam massage to your spouse and you’re familiar with his erogenous zones, stroking these places might support spark that first pleasure without progressing too quickly.

Remember that the objective of lingam massage should be to take it slowly and enjoy all of the pleasant feelings.

Move Upwards

It’s time to go from the sensations to the more important areas. Starting with his testicles, taking care to massage them as softly as possible.

Once you’re ready to proceed, use moderate stroking movements to continue your treatment to the lower part of his penis head. Work gently and carefully going to the top of his shaft as well as the penis’ head.

Practice Restraint

When you sense an orgasm coming on or see your partner is about to orgasm, take a step back and concentrate on something else. This technique, known as edging, can be maintained during the session for how long do you want it or your spouse loves it.

Move Inside

Simply add some seductive prostate activation to the lingam massage if the situation requires it or if your spouse has agreed to it.

Carefully lower a finger inside the anus, pointing fingertip at the front, to reach the prostate. After you’ve found it, apply mild pressure on the area to trigger it.

Take in the Moment

Some sexual activities may produce a deep meditative experience. The full-body sensation that lingam massage provides is usually enough to produce that experience, which might feel more heavenly than sexual.

You may get the most out of this meditation experience by doing the following:

  • Taking things slowly
  • Being physically present to the body
  • Letting yourself or your spouse enjoy tantric massage’s spiritual and sexual aspects

Benefits of a Lingam Massage?

There are several benefits that go beyond just enjoyment. Lingam massages are shown to be helpful to:

Encourage total body healing

Tantric treatments such as lingam massage, although their sexual aspect, are meant to facilitate healing. Because according to Buddhist beliefs, lingam massage helps the receiver heal from past pain and reconnect with their sexual and spiritual aspects.

Relieve stress all over your body

Sex is a healthy activity for both the body and the mind, with perks such as greater desire and a lower risk of chronic illnesses. When you have a lingam massage, you match these advantages with the ability to relieve stress and feel relaxedduring massage treatment.

Strengthen your sexual stamina to get more sexual encounters

And if you want to improve someone’s sexual stamina or simply learn to appreciate sex, even more,in a comfortable environment, lingam massages may help you appreciate this.

Spirituality and mindfulness are explored

Mindfulness can be shown when you experienceanything in the present moment exactly as it is meant. If you are spiritual, getting lingam massages regularly might help you strengthen your mindful meditation.

Fortunately, this sort of tantric massage technique is not confined to those with penises. There is also a yoni massage that is a sexual exploration of the vagina, vulva, and other associated regions.

Because both forms of massage treatment are intended to be spiritual and sexual experiences, yoni massage offers the same advantages as the others described above.


Lingam massage is a meditation treatment method that provides spirituality and sexuality to produce a very personal encounter.

The objective of a lingam massage, either performed on oneself or a partner, is to notice and put it another way in an almost state of meditation.

Tantric practices such as lingam and yoni massage, when practiced regularly, can help you enhance your sexuality, decrease stress, and healthily explore your sexuality.

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