WoW Classic TBC – What Professions to Choose

Professions play a big part in TBC, and here’s what you should choose.

Where getting WoW TBC gold and essential items for our WoW Classic bags are concerned, we know just how important professions in the game can be. However, when it comes to The Burning Crusade, this hikes up to a much higher level of significance.

When you are playing WoW Classic, you can use crafting professions to make items that you can consume and sell. There is also Engineering that the best guilds would need to take explosives into raids. However, in The Burning Crusade we have professions that can make exclusive gear, so there’s a bit more variation in terms of what profession we choose.

So, let’s take a look at some professions we can use to our advantage in World of Warcraft TBC.


The goal of this profession is to basically make WoW Classic gold. You will be looking for certain gems to use for this profession, though they aren’t really that much more impressive than the usually ones that can be used. If you are playing PvP though, then you can definitely use Jewel crafting to your advantage. With the Shadowsong Panther trinket, you will be able to not only increase your attack power, but you will also have the opportunity to increase your stealth detection skill as well. This is especially useful if you’re using a Rogue for player vs player combat.


This profession is important if you are a DPS player. The reason is that the Tailoring profession works best for classes that are wearing cloth. The Warlock for example is the best DPS class in The Burning Crusade. With this profession, you are getting access to gear that can provide best-in-slot items for the Warlock, as well as make gear going into raids.

You can also make a few types of cloth to be used for making gear. There is the usual cooldown period of several days, which is something you need to keep in mind beforehand. This effectively means that they are going to be in very high demand going forward.


What is it about Blacksmithing that makes it special enough for this list? This profession can help you make the Dragonmaw. This is a one-handed mace that is considered to be one of the most powerful WoW TBC Classic items that you can craft. So, if you are a melee class, then you should certainly consider using Blacksmithing.

What’s more, that same mace is able to be upgraded in The Burning Crusade. This can attract Shamans and Warriors to use the profession as well.


Like the Jewelcrafting profession, Alchemy can be used for making great amounts of WoW Classic gold. Primal Might is a fantastic transmute that will provide value to you. It will even encourage buyers to part with plentiful amounts of their gold in order to get their hands on it.

We also have Cauldrons now which are super handy for this profession. These can be used to offer potions and such to full raids. With Alchemist Stones that are being introduced, you can help healers out with trinkets in certain situations.


Previously, it was regarded that you would need to have Leatherworking in The Burning Crusade. However, this was subjected to a rather hefty nerf by the developers. Despite that, there are a few classes that can make the most out of armour and other items that are crafted. Predominantly though, it’s a profession that is used for the Drums of Battle over anything else.

Even though it was nerfed by Blizzard, there should still be room for someone with the Leatherworking profession in your party.


Finally, we have Enchanting, which can only be beneficial for the person using it with a ring enchantment. That said, it isn’t much better than what’s on offer in general, so it’s up to you whether its worth your time or not.

It is still a great way for you to make WoW Classic gold in the game when enchanting gear for other players. The majority of guilds will also want an enchanter along with them so that they can make the most of the recipes that are found.

So, in this list, you will have an idea of what the best professions are. You certainly shouldn’t have a hard time in finding which one is the best for making WoW Classic gold with. Just choose the one that suits your gameplay style the most and you will soon be racking up that vital and coveted currency that the game offers.

Have you tried these professions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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