In our technologically-advanced world, there’s a growing demand for skilled professionals in science and technology-related fields. The relevance of science and technology can never be underestimated because these subjects play a crucially important role in expanding our horizons. Even as we see newer streams of education emerging every day, the importance of conventional sciences cannot be undermined. If you are inclined towards scientific pursuits, here is a list of after 12th PCM career options that will help you get started. 

 The various career options after 12th PCM 

  1. A chemical engineer is a professional who develops and implements chemical processes to produce a range of products. Chemical engineers primarily work in the research, energy, and manufacturing industries. They are responsible for conducting research and experimenting with chemicals to produce fuel, medicines, foods, healthcare, and agricultural products.   
  1. Software engineers design, test, and optimize virtual solutions to solve business issues and write codes to detect and fix errors. A four-year Computer Science Engineering college degree is usually the first step in a Software Engineer’s career. 
  1. Data Scientists quantify and analyze information to create statistical models that forecast, group, and categorize data. Data Scientists also verify unstructured and structured data and use them to identify patterns to assist businesses in making smart and far-sighted decisions 
  1. Machine learning, or more specifically, artificial intelligence, is a hot field right now. It’s making tech companies like Facebook and Google so much money, they’re making it big again. It’s also opening huge opportunities for job seekers. When you’re looking to break into the field of AI and ML, there are a lot of technical and theoretical aspects to learn. To be successful as a machine learning engineer, you need to master at least one programming language (like Python or Java) and one data science tool (like Python Pandas or R). The most important skill you need is problem-solving, and that’s where your third skill comes in. You’ll have to learn how to design algorithms that make good decisions. 
  1. Mathematicians are essentially the only math-based career for which you’re expected to have a master’s degree or higher. 
  1. Pharmacists are the healthcare professionals who are responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of their patients by providing the best possible care with the resources available. Once you have completed the program, you can work as a pharmacist at a hospital or a community pharmacy for a few years. The jobs in the pharmaceutical field are very competitive. However, this is a good career option for you if you enjoy working with others, have problem-solving skills, and helping people. 
  1. Aeronautical engineers are vital to the development of new aircraft and commercial satellites. They are responsible for designing and testing aircraft, missiles and spacecraft. They will be involved in the design and manufacture of these systems at every stage, from research to manufacturing. Aeronautical engineers can be found at every level in this field. From the designers working on the best way to fly a plane to those ensuring that satellites are delivered safely and securely. The work of an aeronautical engineer will vary enormously depending on the choice of career path taken and the job description at hand. 
  1. Product designers have a huge impact on consumer purchasing decisions. They are, therefore, in high demand all over the world. One of the best ways to become a product designer is through an online course. It offers a variety of courses on product modeling, user experience and the latest trends in building a product. It is an intensive, hands-on course that is taken up by product designers to build their skills as a designer. The course covers topics such as user modeling, visual modeling, prototyping and interactive modeling. 
  1. B.E. in Marine Engineering offers an introductory course in the fundamentals of engineering, including physics and mathematics, along with a range of other elective subjects for those who wish to take the next step in their career, especially those interested in marine operations or the engineering sector. The course is approved by the ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (AICTE) /UGC. It focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills while helping students to improve their technical and analytical skills. 
  1. Biomedical engineering is among the most popular undergraduate and graduate degrees across India. However, jobs for biomedical engineers are less plentiful than in other engineering disciplines. With a master’s degree in biomedical engineering and an emphasis on the biomedical device and medical instrumentation, graduates are well-positioned to find jobs in research, regulatory compliance, and biomechanical engineering firms. 
  1. Microbiology is a rapidly developing field of study, with many new discoveries being made every year. Today, microbiology encompasses the entire spectrum of life on earth, ranging from unicellular organisms to humans. For example, the human microbiome – that is, the collection of microorganisms inhabiting the human body – is now thought to be more extensive than the human genome. The life that inhabits the human body is referred to as the human microbiome, whereas life on earth is called the biosphere. Microbiology also encompasses the study of the diverse world of microbes, from the one-celled amoeba to the most complex eukaryotes, including human beings and their microbiome (the human body and its microbes). The field of microbiology is both broad and deep and encompasses many closely related fields. 

Summary – It is time to learn what you can do after 12th Science PCM if you want to study technical subjects as well as engineering. It’s more complex than you may think, to determine the intricacies of any profession. It would be helpful if you underwent an experiential evaluation of your capabilities (skills, abilities, knowledge, and more) to understand the intricacies of any profession. If you want to understand the complexities of any profession, you must plan now. And iDreamCareer can help you out in your career decisions.

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