The facts you need to know about Burning Man Festival in USA

In 1986, two San Francisco artistic community members—Larry Harvey and Jerry James—burned an eight-foot-tall wooden effigy of a man on Baker Beach in celebration of the summer solstice. Twenty persons observed the incident. Harvey and James returned to the location over the next four years with ever-larger effigies. According to legend, police intervened in 1990 and prevented the burning of an enormous 40-foot effigy from taking place on a nearby beach. Because of this, the effigy was relocated to the Black Rock Desert in early September, where it was burned over Labor Day weekend. This year’s festival never returned to San Francisco for its original date. It did not celebrate the solstice again; instead, it celebrated Labor Day in the desert as its new permanent home and calendar point of reference.

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The inside story on the festival

バーニング マン attendees are expected to participate actively, either through the installation of art pieces or by getting involved with a particular camp/village that they are visiting. Vendors are scarce at Burning Man, unlike most other festivals. People are urged to carry everything they need for a week’s sustenance in the desert and trade for anything they don’t have. In the end, Burning Man is an exercise in balancing cooperation, self-reliance, individual expression, and creative collaboration to create an artistic community. Burning Man is a nine-day yearly event in the Nevada desert that features art installations, performances, and music, although it is not a festival.

“Burning Man isn’t a concert or a festival. The Burning Man festival is a place where people come together. A city that will only exist for a short time. Movement that adheres to 10 practical principles, worldwide “According to the official website,

“Anyone may be a part of Burning Man,” “gifting, decommodification (no money passes hands at the festival), radical self-reliance and self-expression, leaving no physical trace (“We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather”), and participation are just a few examples of these principles.

To put up Burning Man, the Burning Man Project, a non-profit, organizes everything.

At Burning Man, what happens?

There is no paid entertainment during Burning Man, although participants are encouraged to perform for the community without payment. Reporter Aly Weisman, who went to the event in 2013 and 2016, says that people ride their bikes, walk about the campsites, and use scooters to get around. They also cook together, party, and create art.

There is no charge for events like wine tastings, zip-lining, and massages, all provided free of charge by various attendees.

It’s simpler to find drugs at Burning Man than candy on Halloween, even though doing so is against the law. According to Weisman, many people get married at Burning Man. The symbolic ritual burning of a giant wooden sculpture (“the Man”) on the Saturday evening of the festival gives the event the moniker “Burning Man.”

How large is the Burning Man community?

In 2007, a record number of white people participated in Burning Man.

According to the Black Rock City census study, more than 70,000 people visited Burning Man last year. Celebrities and wealthy tech CEOs are among the “Burners” who attend Burning Man. Upon arrival, it is said that first-timers must roll around in the dust.

Tickets for this event tend to sell out quickly, so act fast if you plan on attending. According to USA Today, 26,000 tickets were sold in the first half-hour of the 2018 event.

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