The Complete Guide To Buying The Safest Cribs & Cradles

When you bring your newborn home, you will be very overwhelmed. Putting your baby to sleep is a herculean task for new moms. A comfortable crib, cradles, and bassinet offer a helping hand to make your baby fall asleep with less struggle. Buy baby cribs and cradles online at Wakefit and help your baby sleep in ultimate comfort. If you wish to buy a crib or cradle for your baby, then make sure it is safe and sturdy. Here is a complete guide to the things you must check before buying a crib or cradle for your baby.

Choosing Between A Crib and Cradle

You can choose between a crib or cradle based on the age of your baby and your budget. Here are the differences and benefits of using a cradle and crib for your baby. 

Cradles are the right choice of bedding for newborns or infants. The gentle rocking motion of the cradle mimics the swaying motion in the mother’s womb. It is also called palna or jhula, as it gently sways the baby to sleep. This motion soothes the newborn and makes them fall asleep with little effort. You can use a cradle for your baby until 6 months. Cradles are smaller compared to cribs and easily portable. If you wish to create a cosy space for sleep for your baby, then proceed to buy a cradle. 

Cribs are sturdy and durable baby cots for both infants and toddlers. Most mothers prefer a crib in place of a cradle, as it can be used until their baby turns 3. This makes it a worthy investment. It is more spacious than a cradle and keeps your baby comfortable during sleep. A crib also serves as a safe place for your babies to play. Cribs are heavy and it is difficult to move them around as you do with a lightweight cradle. 

Both cribs and cradles are safe baby bedding available online. But cribs adhere to most of the safety guidelines and keep your baby safe during sleep and play. 

Say No To Heirloom Cribs and Cradles

It is not a good idea to make use of an heirloom crib when you wish to use cribs for a baby. Cradles or cribs used for generations aren’t safe as they do not meet recent safety standards. You can never expect to have all the parts of an heirloom cradle remain intact. There are chances for the mattress to be worn out or too soft, which can lead to suffocation for your baby. It is a wise idea to invest in a brand-new cradle or bassinet that adheres to the latest safety standards. Buying a new cradle gives you a chance to come up with personalised bedding that suits your baby. 

Buy Only High-Quality Cribs and Cradles

Quality is important when buying any type of baby stuff. Make sure you buy a cradle or crib of exceptional quality, as it is used as bedding for your baby. All the materials of the cradle or crib must be of premium quality so they remain intact even with continuous use. It is obvious that quality cribs and cradles prices are a bit high, but it is worth buying them. Perform quality checks before you bring home a crib or cradle. Branded cribs and cradles are likely to be of top-notch quality, which is safe for your baby. 

Ensure Safety

Safety is the most important factor when buying a cradle or crib. You must consider various safety aspects when looking for a cradle for your baby. Check out the standard safety guidelines for cribs and caradles. Buy cribs and cradles online that adhere to safety guidelines. This ensures that you buy a baby cradle or crib that is completely safe. Check if all the screws are tightened before you buy a cradle.  Inspect the wheels of the cradle and crib and ensure that they do not move when locked. When you buy a crib, make sure that the width of the wooden slats is not more than 2 ⅜ inches. Make sure there are no cutouts so that your baby does not get trapped in them. 

Consider Co-Sleeping

If you co-sleep with your baby, then look for cribs and cradles that allow you to sleep in close proximity to your baby. Go for cribs that can be attached to your bed or the ones that come with sidecar configurations. 

Buy A Firm Mattress

Always buy a firm mattress along with your cradle or crib; this creates a safe sleeping environment for your babies. A firm mattress helps strengthen their muscles and helps them grow better. Using a firm mattress in their crib offers an opportunity for your baby to push, roll, or stand. 

Go For Certified Cradles

You must be extra cautious when buying baby-related products. There are chances that the materials used for the manufacture of cradles contain harmful chemicals. This can cause serious health issues for your baby. Buy a cradle that is made of eco-friendly materials and is free of chemical emissions. Make sure you buy baby furniture that is certified. This ensures that the product is free from harmful chemicals and is safe for your baby to sleep in. 

Go For Durable Cradles and Cribs

Always buy a durable cradle that is sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your baby and that does not tip easily. Buy Sheesham wooden cribs online, which are highly durable. Check for the strength of the frames used in your cradles and cribs. Go for a reliable brand when you decide to buy a durable cradle. 

Use a Comfortable Bedding

Cribs and cradles are used by your baby to sleep. So make sure it is comfortable. Look for features that make the cradles and crib a cosy place that helps your baby fall asleep. Cribs come with a one side mesh opening, which makes it easy to access your baby during the night for feeding. 

Hope you’re now clear on things to consider when buying a crib or a cradle that is safe for your little one.

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