Some New Badges Added To NBA 2K22 Next Gen

Have you wondered that what if you can make your own badges in  NBA 2K22 without using NBA MT? Here we list some new badges that may be added to NBA 2K22 MyCareer. Be sure to check them out!

NBA 2K22 New Badges That Will Be Added

  1. Snatcher

You have a higher chance of getting a snatch block, that would be fire like when they go up and like he cuffs the ball and comes down with it. Those type of blocks or we could snatcher could be like pinning the ball on the backboard kind of like the lebron thing but like having this badge will give you more of that. This will be fire especially for my slashers to lock them the big men, this would be fire.

  1. Second wind

Some of you are going to be like this one. We already got that, it’s kind of like gym rat but what it does is it gives you more stamina and this would be a dope idea for all dribble heads. You can dribble for 23 seconds and then pull up, that this would be fire, if you are little man in the background it is what it is.

  1. Road blocker

It stops the alley oops, it stops, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to block it but it kind of like counters it in a way where like you can meet him up in the air. We don’t know exactly how we would like to see this badge perform but the alleys is, it’s 2 0p and this would kind of like stop it in a way like you won’t be able to do the alleys every single play.

  1. Steady ankles

This is just in case you go against the dribble head who has the second wind and wants to dribble his life away, it causes less freezes so your player won’t be just like staying stuck or like freeze really quick, this would actually help.

  1. Elude

Basically it’s pick dodger but it actually works. You just get stuck every single time you and it’s like for a hot minute and it leads to an open shot, so this one would actually work.

  1. Shooter touch

You can’t be like it’s kind of weird because how they’re going to do 2k21 whether it’s like the pie chart so you get to choose. The pure sharps, the more of the shooter, the one who has a lot more shooting badges, they will be able to shoot faster and catch the ball quicker than any other archetype in the game. I think it would be dope and then shooters touches dope .

  1. Savior

This is a badge many of you all probably won’t put. Basically you save loose balls your player dives for the basketball and actually like throws it back, because the way 2K has it set up. You could catch like those loose balls, that y’all be struggling for the balls rolling like your player will hustle and then you’ll dive on it like it’s about to be a grenade.

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