Software improvement of car performance with CaracalTech

CaracalTech Company was founded in 2012. Our goal from the beginning was to perform ecu remapping for various vehicles with the highest possible quality. Over time and after completing multiple projects, we decided to create training courses for different types of vehicles using different software. Then we developed these training courses in detail and specifically for two specific software, which resulted in our WinOLS Training Course and ECM Titanium Training Course. We created these two practical courses for both diesel and petrol vehicles. Additionally, we offer benefits such as free online classes, 5 free $70 courses, and a lifelong 50% discount on using our file service for purchasers of our courses.

After the software courses, we decided to also offer training courses for our solutions and different vehicles.

Alongside these training courses, we tried to provide our services in the form of “Files Service” on our website for our customers. Some of the solutions we provide in our “Online File Service” include DPF delete , EGR delete, AdBlue removal, and DTC off. However, our services are not limited to these. Stage 1, 2, and 3 remap (on a dynamometer), pop & bang, TCU remap, speed limiter removal, and ECU immobilizer off are among the other services provided by CaracalTech to its customers.

Furthermore, if you want to see some of our tested dyno projects, you can visit the “Projects” section of our website.

Moreover, if you want to know “How to start your own business in ECU remapping”, “How to become a professional chip tuner”, have information about different programmers and their best options, get more familiarize with remap tables, or compare different remap software and their features, you can visit the “Articles” section of our website.

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