Newcomers Guideline to Play AFK Arena – Learn the Strategy to Start

“AFK Arena” is a fantasy RPG based on Celtic mythology. Over 45 million downloads worldwide. It is a royal road abandoned RPG characterized by unique graphics that make you feel as if you are reading a picture book. And a game that progresses quickly with simple operations. The character design is also amiable and fits well with the fantasy worldview.

Its continuity, people are surprisingly interested in playing this game. So many gamers want to know how they will play this game correctly. Gamers need a clear idea about this AFK Arena Game flow.

That’s why the article will explain the procedure efficiently in the early stages of AFK Arena. As a result, the newcomer’s gamer can easily play this game so that they don’t feel bothered.

Understand the system of AFK Arena:

After completing the download by using the AFK Arena promo code, you need to first understand the system of this game. Personally, the system is often esoteric in recent games.

However, AFK Arena has no complex operations, and you can play with just one finger. Attacks are always automatic. When the gauge is full, tap it to activate the skill. Instead, when the character icon at the bottom of the screen glows, tap to start the technique.

Even beginners of Gorigori can immediately play like experienced players. It’s straightforward, so you can finish the troublesome tutorial efficiently of the gaming system.

Learn the Game flow:

In this game, Heroes are always fighting on the main screen. If you use a quick battle, you can get many neglected rewards in a short time.

When advancing the stage, first set the sortie members. When you solidify the party with the same camp, you need to challenge the battle as much as possible. The battle progresses in real-time, and the character moves automatically and attacks.

On the other hand, when you attack or receive, the gauge for each character will accumulate, so tap the icon at the bottom of the screen to release the skill. Some of the character’s skills fly in the front direction, so it is necessary to organize them to quickly hit the enemy.

Organize your own original party:

On the character formation screen, you can level up the character and change the equipment. Equip weapons and armor to improve your status. Weapons that are good for each character are different, and the higher the rarity of the equipment, the higher the effect that can be obtained.

Indeed, you will need the same character or a character of the same race to rank up. There will be no characters consumed to rank up, but it will convert the money and materials spent to train that character, so there is no waste.

Keep the number of characters to 5 or less:

At AFK Arena, you don’t have to actively raise more than six bodies from the beginning because you basically organize five bodies to fight at the party.

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If you try to grow six or more characters evenly, you will run out of training materials and not proceed with your adventure. When you train five bodies, you can strengthen other characters with the resonance crystal released in Chapter 4, so let’s make use of it!

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