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Making Your Facebook Page Easy to Find in Search Engines

Anyone, whether that person is a Facebook member or not, can find and access your Facebook Page by using Facebook’s internal search feature or search engines such as Google and Microsoft’s Bing. A Facebook Page can improve your search engine rankings so that people can more easily find both your Facebook Page and your website. All Facebook Pages are public; therefore, search engines such as Google include them in search results.

Build a positive image for your brand and engage readers so that they engage with you and return to your Page often. By publishing a steady stream of links to your company’s blog posts and other pages on your company’s website within Facebook, you allow search engines to find you more easily. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Simply by having a Facebook Page, you increase the number of relevant links to your site — and, therefore, your site’s SEO. Adding links to your Facebook Page is only a start. Those links should include relevant keywords related to your business. Additionally, the content within the linked article should have relevant keywords.

An auto repair garage, for example, would post links to articles about do-it-yourself autorepair tips on its Facebook Page. Here are seven ways to optimize your Facebook Page for both Google and Facebook search:

✓ Decide on a page category. Select the best possible category for your Page. You can edit the category in the Page Info admin panel.

✓ Refine the subcategories on your Page. If you have a Facebook Place (a local place or business), you can add or update as many as three subcategories within the Page Info admin panel.

✓ Complete your address. Graph Search allows users to search for local nonprofit organizations that their friends like, for example, so supply the complete and current address.

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✓ Fill out the about section. The information you share in this section helps people find your Page in search results — both on Facebook and search engines, particularly if you insert keywords at the beginning of specific fields.

✓ Tag photos. A photo is a primary content type that’s displayed in Graph Search results. Tag every photo with your Page name and any location that’s associated with the photo.

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