How To Download A Mobile Casino App

Various gadgets, and mobile devices with Internet access, like phones, and tablets, have all become an integral part of our lives. Their technical capabilities and capacity are comparable to those of computers and laptops. Their operating systems offer functionality that is no less powerful and effective than that of the “big” desktop operating systems. Therefore, it is rather natural that the developers of software for slot machines did not ignore this segment and actively implement their products in online casino apps, such as the app. Now anyone can dive into the world of gambling by simply tapping the screen of the device that is always within the reach. 

How to Gamble Online?

There are two ways to play online slot machines that ensure the possibility to have a good time with excitement and earn at the same time. 

The first method is to play in the browser window. The method is very simple and available to anyone. To play in the browser window, simply follow the link to the online casino platform, choose the slot you are interested in, play online, and earn money. 

The key advantages include:

  • simplicity – there is no need to install anything to play, just open the website address and you can enjoy your favorite entertainment;
  • versatility – you can play from any device if it has a browser that supports HTML5, which means absolutely any contemporary gadget that is always with the user.

Despite their simplicity and accessibility, websites are not without their drawbacks. Due to the technical implementation, websites cannot operate as quickly and smoothly as native applications. Since the code is executed by the browser, the websites do not support many features, such as swipes and multitouch. Therefore, they are slower, their interface is not as responsive and functional, and they are also completely useless offline, thus lacking relevant features. 

The second way to play slot machines online is to play in the native application of the online casino. They are completely devoid of the disadvantages of mobile versions of the websites. They are the most convenient way of interaction between the gambler and the casino, giving a completely different gambling experience than the mobile versions of websites. 

This is achieved due to the following advantages:

  • performance – since the game code of native apps and the devices don’t have an intermediary in the form of the browser between them, mobile apps always have a more responsive and smoother interface than the mobile version of the website;
  • adapted interface – mobile apps don’t just work better and faster, they also have a fingertip interface specifically designed to work on the small screens of cell phones.

Thus, the best way to play online slots is through a mobile app. It is faster, smoother, and much more enjoyable in use. The gambling experience when playing in the browser and the mobile app will be radically different in favor of the latter.

How to Install a Mobile App on an Android Device

Android can be safely considered the most popular operating system for mobile devices. Its main advantage is its accessibility and the possibility to install applications from alternative sources. Therefore, even though Bluechip is not available in the Google Play app store, this does not prevent you from installing it.

To install the online casino mobile app, you must first download the installation file. This can be done in several ways:

  • there is the “download Android” section on the main page of the casino;
  • a download link can be received from the operator of the establishment to the e-mail;
  • scan the QR code with a link to download.

Once you have downloaded the APK file, you need to proceed to your phone settings. Although Android supports the installation of apps from third-party sources, this feature is disabled by default for security reasons. To enable it, go to settings and then security and put the slider in the “Allow installation from unknown sources” position. If you have a device powered by Android 10 or newer, you will need to additionally enable installation from a specific application (namely, browser or file manager, depending on how you opened the APK file).

Then you need to find the downloaded APK installation file on your phone. You can do this with any Android file manager. By default, all the downloaded items on the Google operating system are saved to the Download folder. The second way to find the installation file is to find it in the download menu of your browser. 

After opening the APK installation file, click “install” and wait for the process to finish. That’s it, now the shortcut will appear in your list of applications. So, you can launch it and start earning at the online casino. 

Please note that since Android is an open-source operating system, there are many websites that will offer you to download the installation file. Do not trust them. These files can contain malicious software that will corrupt your phone or steal your data, including bank card details and saved credentials. Do not trust dubious sources, install the application online casino only by downloading the installation file from the official website or from a link provided by the operator of the online casino.

Installation on Devices Powered by iOS/iPadOS

As opposed to open Android, the mobile operating systems developed by Apple do not have the possibility to install applications from third-party sources. However, since the Appstore has a different policy, online casino applications are freely distributed there. To install the Bluechip app on your iPhone or iPad, just type its name –  “bluechip” – into the search engine bar, click on “install” to start the installation, and confirm your action with your existing iCloud password or biometric scanner. Now the installation process should be completed. 

After that, you can find the program in the list of applications, and start playing and earning online.

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