How important Is It To Buy CBD Vape Pens From A Trusted Vendor?

Lately, the demand for CBD-based products has been rising. After its legalization in various countries, more and more people are turning towards CBD. The main reason behind the growing interest is the plethora of health benefits offered by CBD. It helps to treat many conditions. Not only does it help with anxiety and depression-related disorders, but also chronic diseases like cancer.

This article will provide you a well-knit analysis of CBD vaping pens and why you should buy them from a trusted vendor.

What is CBD?

A cannabinoid (i.e., CBD) is a compound obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Various researches have shown that CBD is effective for treating diseases. These include anxiety, epilepsy, seizures, chronic pain, and even multiple sclerosis. You can find CBD in several forms like oil, capsules, powder, etc.

What is a CBD vape pen?

A CBD vape pen is a vaporizer present in the shape of a pen. It helps you to vape CBD juice or oil.

The various benefits of CBD have driven the increased demand for its products. Many small studies have also shown that CBD helps reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Vaping CBD oil is more beneficial for patients with asthma and chronic pulmonary obstructive diseases. Vaping CBD helps to transfer the medication to the lungs directly, making it more effective. It delivers smaller doses as compared to oral use.

CBD is also helpful for preventing migraines, reducing the pain quite instantly, and treating anxiety and epilepsy. Different types of CBD vape pens are available in the market, and you can choose the best CBD vape pen as per your needs.

Why is it important to purchase CBD vape pens from a trusted vendor?

And what all things you need to keep in mind when you wish to go shopping for CBD vape pens. Let’s take a look at them, understanding one topic at a time.

1.   Get detailed knowledge about the ingredients used in the vape pens.

It is essential to check the ingredients of any product that you are buying. It will help you to gain factual information on the quality of the vape pens. You will also get to know about all the different compounds it contains and their respective concentrations involved.

If you buy a CBD vape pen from a reputable vendor, you will undoubtedly find a label attached to your product containing all the brief notes on ingredients and their strengths. However, a vape pen without the ingredient information may raise concerns over the quality and authenticity of the product.

2.   Some CBD products might contain THC.

According to the 2018 farm bill, the products that contain less than 0.3% THC are only allowed in the market. However, various surveys have reported that many products include more than the permitted amount of THC. Most of the time, they don’t acknowledge the presence of THC on the labels if brought from unregulated and suspicious vendors.

If you take more than the required amount of THC, you can have serious health issues. They can cause anxiety and impairment in some users. Primarily, in the case of children, THC can produce harmful effects.

Therefore, it is essential to buy CBD vape pens from a trusted vendor. It will ensure that the products have undergone third-party analysis and contain only the required amount of THC.

3.   You can fail a drug test by consuming inferior quality CBD products.

A shoddy CBD product can make you fail a drug test. The main reason behind failing will not be CBD but the excess levels of THC present in the product. The mishaps may get on professional records or even lead to termination of your job, thus, eventually affecting your career and social life.

4.   Ensure safety.

The CBD vape pen bought from a trusted vendor will specify the strength of CBD and other compounds added to the oil. It will help you to take the right amount of dosage according to your requirements.

5.   You can get a certificate of analysis from a reliable vendor.

A certificate of analysis provides you assurance of the safety, quality, and authenticity of the product. It is a lab-tested proof through which you can get the information about all of the ingredients – briefing about the levels of CBD, THC, residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals involved in the product.

Usually, a third party conducts the analysis, and you can easily obtain a certificate for the same, provided you buy the CBD vape pens from reputable companies. You can either find these certificates online or by scanning the barcode printed on the product. Again, these test results are quite significant to ensure the quality of the products.

6.   Get information about the origin of the CBD used.

We obtain most of the CBD products from Hemp. In the US, Hemp is mainly grown in Colorado, Oregon, or Kentucky. The Hemp plants from these particular states have undergone spot tests, and they prohibit the use of any illegal pesticides.

However, Hemp from overseas sources might not have undergone any federal or state testing. Thus, proper checking of the label to ensure the origin of the product is a must. For online sellers, you can check their official website or directly approach them with your questions.

Vape pens are available in two types:

  • Disposable CBD vape pen

A disposable CBD vape pen usually consists of a battery and an atomizer. It is already pre-filled with CBD vape juice and is similar to cigalikes (small cigarette-style vape pens).  A disposable CBD vape pen is capable of providing around hundreds of breaths.

  • Refillable CBD vape pen

You can replenish a refillable CBD vape pen with CBD oil again and again. It consists of a tank that connects to a 510 thread battery. Refillable CBD vape pens come in a wide range of styles and flavors. Some vape pens provide direct lung vaping, and others are available with a tight mouth-to-lung draw. These refillable CBD vape pens offer efficient delivery methods and suit almost every type of vaping requirement.

You can also use refillable CBD vape cartridges for vaping CBD as they serve as excellent alternatives to CBD vape pens. The pod vapes are comparatively smaller, lightweight, and easier to use.

Wrap up

Vaping CBD is a new method of using CBD. It is effective when you want direct transmission of medication into the lungs. It also allows you to take smaller amounts as compared to other methods. It is vital to ensure the quality of the product you are buying. It would be best to consider purchasing CBD products from a reliable vendor such as Sunday Scaries. It will allow you to confirm third-party inspection and provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to prove it further.

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