Getting the Most from Facebook Marketing Resources

Probably the best resource on Facebook for marketers is the Facebook Marketing Page ( This Page includes several useful tabs for marketers, including a Videos tab with great educational videos and a Resources tab for average Joes. The Resources tab includes the following areas:

Educational Videos: At the top of this Resources tab, you see the latest videos on using Facebook for marketing.

Facebook for Business: This area links to an educational area for businesses, with resources on using Facebook Pages and Facebook Social Plugins.

Webinars: This area links to an area where you can sign up for on-demand webinars on a variety of Facebook marketing topics.

Step-by-step Guides: Throughout the Resources tab are links to downloadable PDFs on a variety of topics, including marketing best practices, using Facebook Ads, crisis-response guidelines, and using Facebook Insights. In addition to Facebook, you should check out amazing websites including the following:

Social Media Examiner: This website helps businesses use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to connect with customers, generate more brand awareness, and increase sales. The articles are written by Facebook marketing thought leaders such as Mari Smith and Amy Porterfield.

Inside Facebook: Another amazing online resource for both Facebook developers and marketers, this site publishes two or three articles per day written by a variety of Facebook experts. Go to www.inside

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