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Growing a follower base for LinkedIn is crucial for you as an individual or business entity. Recent LinkedIn statistics show that every 8 minutes at least three people get hired. 

Also, as a company seeking candidates or doing corporation with others, having a solid large number of followers adds to its credibility and reliability.

So, how would you get hired or find the right candidate if your followers are limited? Or maybe the accurate question to ask here is how to enlarge your followers.

For this exact reason, we will provide in this article a list of the 5 best sites to buy LinkedIn followers from, so that we will shorten your journey to search for the best way to get more followers without any hassle, or extra effort, instead efficiently.  Some websites provide services to LinkedIn accounts to help them get more real followers.

we came up with a list of what we believe are the best sites to buy LinkedIn followers from. 

we have picked up the best five sites to buy LinkedIn followers from, and we will discuss each site in detail, providing the cons, pros, pricing, delivery time and customer feedback.

Then, we will provide tips on how to choose the most suitable site that matches your needs, and whether it is safe or not to buy LinkedIn followers.

By the end of this article, you will have a brief on how to grow your followers.

Let us start with our Five Best Sites to Buy LinkedIn Followers in a fast and safe way!


Score: 9.5/10
InstaFollowers is at the top of our best sites to buy LinkedIn followers. They have proven professionality and reliability since their establishment in 2010. They have proved themselves well and deserve to be at the top due to their targeted services. Over the years, they have provided excellent wide services that cover almost all social platforms, and they have added SEO services as well.

Let us discuss InstaFollowers’ main factors:


    • Wide Range of Payment Methods Available
    • Instant Refund Guarantee
  • Real People
    • Transparency 
  • Order Tracking
    • Secure Payment
    • Data Privacy & Security
    • Instant Delivery
  • Affordable Pricing
    • Free Options to Buy Followers
  • Different Types of Followers


  • No App


InstaFollowers provides affordable prices that suit different budgets. 

The price will vary depending on each profile and the desired number of followers. You can check their prices by entering your LinkedIn profile and the number of followers you need to reach. Then, the price will appear automatically.

However, they have fixed packages as well. These packages start from as low as 9.90$.


Secure and instant delivery. You will get an estimated delivery time once you purchase your package. So, you should expect the delivery within this estimated time provided to you.

Customer feedback

Instafollowers has a 5-star review. Their customers’ feedback is mainly about the instant delivery of real followers, around-the-clock support, low prices, straightforward process, transparent purchase process and providing free options for buying followers.


Score: 9/10
Bulkoid stands next on this list as it is preferred by many due to delivering real followers which will enhance the credibility of your profile.

Bulkoid also provides an option to customize your follower package according to your needs and preferences.

Let’s discuss Bulkoid’s main factors:


  • Real People
  • Customizable Packages
  • Real Engagement


  • Cryptocurrency payment is not supported


Similar to InstaFollowers, prices may differ depending on the number of followers you desire to achieve.
They have price packages as well that starts from $12.

Delivery Time 

After completing the purchase, the estimated delivery time is 5-7 days.

Customer Feedback

Bulkoid review score is 4.8/5. Their clients’ positive feedback is mainly about their 24/7 support, and customizable packages.

Social plug

Score: 8.5/10
Social Plug provides various social media services including growing LinkedIn followers. Their process is easy, fast and straightforward.

Let’s discuss Social Plug’s main factors:



  • Provides Followers Growth
  • Boosts Visibility and Engagement


  • Limited Payment Methods


Compared to Bulkoid and InstaFollowers, Social Plug’s prices are considered high. A 100-follower price is $36.

Delivery Time

Delivery time varies depending on the service and the number of followers requested, but in general, it is within 24 hours.

Customer Feedback

The overall ratings and reviews for Social Plug is 4.6/5. Most reviewers complimented their support and fast delivery.


Score: 8/10

Twesocial is within the top five sites list because they guarantee no fake or spam followers. Twesocial started its work in 2012 and it was mainly for the X platform. Then, they extended their services to cover Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn among other platforms.

Let’s discuss Twesocial’s main factors:


  • Safe.
  • Privacy Protection


  • Time-Frame Based Plans

Delivery Time

The exact delivery time varies depending on the number of followers you ask for. However, it is usually between 24-72 hours.


They have two options. One is weekly-based, AKA Standard and the second option is monthly-based, AKA Premium. Generally, we can say their starting price is 25$ per standard package.

They also provide special packages for LinkedIn connections.

Customer Feedback

Twesocial has an excellent customer feedback due to their transparent process. Just like InstaFollower, they have a 5-star review.


Score: 8/10
GetAfollower was established in 2011 and its main target is to provide new ways for marketing, especially digital and social media marketing. They also provide different services for almost all the popular social media platforms.

Let’s discuss GetAfollower’s main factors:


  • Targeted Services
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Limited Support Hours
  • No Free-Trials Available


Again, similarly, prices would differ depending on the number of followers you seek. But we can say that their packages’ prices are affordable. The starting price is 2$ for 25 followers.

Delivery Time

It depends on the service or the number of followers you seek, but generally it takes up to 24 hours.

Customer Feedback

Their overall review is 3.9/5. GetAfollower’s client’s feedback has shown satisfaction with the results received.

How We Choose These Top Sites Selling Buy LinkedIn Followers?

If you wonder how should you choose the right site to buy LinkedIn followers from, then let us tell you something. The above list has been carefully selected based on certain criteria we took into consideration while searching and filtering the results we got. Then, we come up with this provided list. We picked them depending on being safe and providing real people and genuine followers.

So, as a start, you may consider our list first, and then keep in mind the other provided tips as below;

1- Always Pick the Top Option in the List

Whenever you search, you will get a top sites list, just like the one we provided here. It is highly recommended to stick with the first option. As there is always a valid reason that placed InstaFollowers, in our case here, at the top. 

2- Scan the Top Sites and Their Packages

Visit the websites for the above companies, or any other companies you got from searching the net. Then, have a look at their services, prices, and packages and see which one suits you better.

3- Read Clients’ Feedback

All these top sites have testimonials from their clients. Have a look at their clients’ feedback. Feedback tells a lot. It is not only about receiving excellent services, but you need to check from their feedback how the process goes. How they work. If this matches your expectations and desired ends, then go for it.

Also, feedbacks are a good way to test their reliability and credibility.

4- Consider the Main Factors While Choosing

What we mean by the main factors is prices, quality of followers, pros & cons and the delivery time.  These are what we considered before creating this list.

Now, once you have picked your preferred site, then you need to

  • Check their available packages. 
  • Choose the most suitable package that matches your budget.
  • Provide the number of followers you look for.
  • Copy and paste your LinkedIn profile.
  • Complete the payment. 
  • Track the progress.

Is It Safe to Buy LinkedIn Followers?

Yes. It is a common and safe practice, especially if you pick the right service provider.

If you purchase a package from an unreliable site, you may be prone to undesirable subsequences such as receiving fake followers, or low-quality followers with no proper engagement. These kinds of followers usually will stop following after a certain period of time, basically weeks after delivering your package. 

It is important to mention here that LinkedIn prohibits the practice of fake accounts or followers, so this may result in the suspension of your account.

Final thoughts

To sum up, growing your LinkedIn followers is important to boosting your online presence whether to widen your hiring chances, credibility or finding the right candidate for your business.

This can be achieved by getting support from dedicated sites that help individuals and businesses get real followers. 

however, in order to avoid spam, suspension and losing credibility, you must do in-depth research to choose a reliable company to boost your followers.

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