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Tim Harrison x Starmusiq: How Does Betting Work in Asia?

With one of the largest populations in the world, India is surely one of the most prominent countries in Asia. Like the west, the east also has a vibrant gambling culture. And it goes for online gambling too. 

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If you’re interested in the overall gambling scene in Asia, particularly India, we have just the person you need to know about. Tim Harrison is a betting expert from BetZillion, an online platform that works for the betterment of punters. It is your Asia bookie guide on Starmusiq. 

Tim Harrison to Starmusiq: What’s the Legal Status of Betting in Asia?

We discussed with Tim whether online gambling is legal in Asia or not. Little did we know every country has its way of regulating different forms of gambling. So, there’s no way to answer our question in a single sentence. 

For the sake of context, Tim Harrison shared the status in India. The country still follows the Public Gambling Act of 1867 to regulate gambling. Online gambling was not a thing during that time. So, all the existing laws only apply to land-based gambling establishments. 

The law states that a game of skill that requires no element of chance is legal. The most common example of such a game is poker. As for the rest of the casino games, they’re illegal. 

But not in:

  • Daman, 
  • Sikkim, 
  • and Goa. 

These 3 states are the only places across India where you can find legal casinos and betting shops. 

As for online gambling, it’s completely unregulated. Also, the government has no supervisory body that can grant licenses to interested operators. It is known as “de facto illegal” jurisdiction. 

The good news is that there have been no reports of the government prosecuting online gamblers in India. It means you can safely participate in online betting and gambling as long as the site is licensed. 

How to Start Betting in India?

There is a process to start real money betting in India as well as anywhere else in the world. It’s not very complicated, but you’ll need to ensure some things before starting. To discover the main things – check this video Besides, we’ve asked Tim about the best sequence to begin betting in India, and he promised to help. 

Make Sure You’re of Legal Age

Underage gambling is something no government takes lightly. If an operator is found guilty of accepting underage gamblers, it can lose its license and pay a massive fine to the regulator. 

The global average minimum gambling age is 18. Some operators may require you to be 21. It may vary a little based on where the betting site is licensed. But you won’t find a platform that accepts punters under 18, and it’s a fact. 

You Have All the Documents Ready

When you open an account at any of the online betting sites, you also need to verify your account. We’re yet to encounter an operator that grants withdrawal requests without verifying the user’s account. 

The verification process involves your identity, age, residence, and credit card ownership. You’ll need to submit soft copies of all these documents to the casino’s email address. It takes around 24 hours for the operator to green-lit your account. 

As for the documents, you can use your government-issued ID (Aadhaar card in India) for proof of age and a copy of the utility bill for proof of residence. 

You Have a Payment Method Registered in Your Name 

Managing online payments is not rocket science anymore. We’re all familiar with paying a merchant online using both traditional and mobile banking channels. However, things get tricky in the iGaming industry. 

The payment method must be registered in your name to perform deposits and withdrawals on your betting account. It means if you’re using a credit card, it must contain your name. The phone number must be registered if you’re using UPI, Paytm, or any other mobile payment method. 

You Know How to Manage Expectations

If you’re new to gambling, Tim has some harsh truths to share with you. 

First of all, gambling is not a way to make money. You mustn’t come into gambling if you’re having financial problems. Online and offline gambling is deemed as an entertainment platform. 

Then, you need to let go of losses. You can’t keep betting in the hope that you’ll win. It is how many players lose everything they have. It’s internationally known as problem gambling. If you believe you’re a victim, seek professional help from organizations like BeGambleAware. 

Tim Teaches Starmusiq Readers How to Choose the Best Betting Site in India

This section of our post will perhaps be a game-changer for a lot of you. You’re learning how to choose the best gambling site for you directly from betting expert Tim Harrison! 

Always Focus on the License

Due to the nature of the iGaming industry, it’s prone to scam attacks. The best way to avoid such issues is to always bet at licensed bookmakers. You can easily find the license number in the website’s footer section or on the T&C page. 

Don’t just look at the license number; take the operator’s word for it. Visit the licensing authority’s website and use the license number to verify whether it’s valid or not. Only proceed when you’re sure that the betting site exists and has prior records. 

Don’t Forget to Check Payment Methods

According to Tim, many Indian punters jump the gun with online bookmakers without even realizing that they don’t have a valid payment method to use. You already know that the method must be registered in your name. 

The other important element is to ensure that your chosen site accepts a method you have. In our opinion, online betting sites in India rupees are usually the best for Indian punters as they don’t have to deal with currency conversion fees. 

The Collection of Sports Betting

You’re looking into betting sites in India telling us you’re interested in having a good time. At the end of the day, your experience solely depends on how many sports and markets you can access. 

A “market” in betting is the outcome you can wager on. It means a single match of cricket or football or tennis can have multiple markets. Check the A-Z sports library and the individual markets before you commit real money. 

How the Customer Support Responds

Tim believes the customer support of a betting site is one of the most overlooked things in the iGaming industry. It’s normal because we’re not wired to think about future issues when there is no issue in the present. 

But the ideal practice is that you test the efficiency of a customer support team so that you don’t have to suffer in the long run. The sites BetZillion has listed for you are all tested by Tim Harrison personally! 

Final Tips for Online Betting in India

  1. Study the sport you want to bet on. The more insights you know about the teams and players, your bets will be more accurate. 
  2. Always compare the odds at multiple bookmakers for the same markets.
  3. Never bias your bets on personal vendetta or favoritism. Constantly evaluate opportunities based on facts. 
  4. Try and learn betting strategies like arbitrage and system betting to secure a larger chunk of profit using the same bankroll.

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