7 Factors to Choose the Best Tuition Centre for Your Child!

The issue of tuition in Singapore has always been a popular and controversial subject. An article published on AsiaOne reveals a surprising fact: the tuition sector in the country is valued at over $1 billion (about $3 per person in the US).

But the statistic is less surprising when we consider that tuition is seen as essential in Singapore, and it is justified. Due to exams getting tougher, many students lack time for tutoring and feel overwhelmed. Nowadays, tuition is essential like never before.

So, as parents, it is important that we find the appropriate tuition center to support our children’s education. Below are seven factors to consider when selecting a tutoring center:

1: Size of the Class 

What is the significance of class size? With fewer students in the classroom, it will be simpler for students to have their questions addressed and for teachers to meet each student’s specific needs efficiently. In simpler terms, having fewer students in a class result in your child getting more personal attention, leading to a better learning atmosphere.

According to, in oversized classes, teachers struggle with handling a large group while students struggle with resolving their personal questions.

A small class size helps to reduce these two problems and guarantees that your child will receive better instruction!

2: The Background of the Tutor 

After that, you should consider examining the tutor’s experience and qualifications.

In general, teachers and former teachers tend to make the best tutors due to their extensive knowledge and experience in education.

A former educator possesses the industry knowledge and intuition that other instructors may not have. Experienced tutors will also have a greater capacity to transfer knowledge rapidly and effectively. Furthermore, a former teacher, who has a deeper understanding of the education sector, will be more adept at accurately predicting and identifying exam questions!

Therefore, it is crucial to consider the tutor’s qualifications when selecting a tutoring center.

3: The Tutor-Student Connection 

It’s not immediately apparent or obvious! That’s why testimonials hold significance too!

They demonstrate the connection between educators and learners. An effective tutor not only imparts knowledge but also builds a rapport, inspires, and encourages students.

If a student has someone supporting and motivating them, there are endless possibilities for what they can accomplish! Moreover, a strong capability to establish connections fosters trust and confidence, allowing the student and teacher to collaborate harmoniously as an efficient team. Truly, the advantages of having a tutor who can genuinely connect with students are huge.

4: Testimonials 

Enrolling in a tuition center can provide you with impressive information on paper, which is beneficial. However, your main concern is if they can truly follow through!

This is the role that testimonials play. How can you truly gauge a center’s success without hearing reviews from other parents and students? It allows you to discover the advantages of the tuition center: the qualities that leave parents/students happy with the service.

A strong resume is highly important in theory, but it’s even better to know that the individual can deliver results in practice!

5: The Style of Teaching 

There are three primary learning styles for children: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

By discovering your child’s learning style, you can better select the tutoring center that suits your child’s requirements.

For instance, if your kid learns best through hands-on activities, he may lean toward kinesthetic learning. But, if your child learns best through visuals, they may gravitate towards explanations presented in the form of infographics, animations, videos, etc.

On the other hand, if your toddler’s more of an auditory learner, having a tutor who can articulate and elucidate concepts clearly will be highly beneficial.

Given that the visual learning style is the most prevalent, it should be prioritized. A quality tutoring center typically ensures that they address all three aspects, ensuring all children can benefit regardless of their preferred method of learning.

Note: Recently, a brand-new method of learning known as the read/write learning style, has been incorporated into the model. Because most of our Singaporean education involves reading and writing answers to questions, I am confident that all tuition centers will address this aspect.

6: How the Teacher Addresses Your Child’s Needs 

So, we have arrived at potentially the most important point: understanding your child’s individual requirements. A tuition center could be wonderful, but it would be pointless if it doesn’t suit your child’s requirements. To select the most appropriate center, it’s essential that you understand the specific areas where your children require help.

A quality tutoring center will employ educators who know how to address your child’s individual issues and design a personalized learning approach that fits your child’s needs effectively.

Identifying the specific issue and addressing it accurately is a skill that distinguishes successful educators from lesser ones.

7: The Types of Notes Your Child Will be Getting 

It is beneficial to also consider the type of notes provided when selecting a tuition center. Did the tutors make them on their own? Do they belong exclusively to that specific tutoring center?

In most cases, self-created notes are usually of higher quality. Furthermore, as these notes are more likely to stay within the confines of the tuition center, they can provide your child with a competitive advantage that others may not have.

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