Why is UK TV Export is Universally Loved?

The UK Television Industry is one of the biggest and successful industries, best known for their trendsetting ideas of the shows & shows that get global recognition. To be told, the UK TV industry made $1.97 billion last year.

For everyone to know – any show that performs well domestically, producers sell it to the international market. This way the show not only performs well internationally but also makes other cultures adapt to the show’s ideas.

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As ore and more UK TV Shows start to release, online casino Betway broke down a few points that can make you understand the popular UK TV exports, market and business a little more. 


The UK TV export Industry made a whopping $1.95 billion around the globe last year. Shows like Doctor who, Planet Abbey & others contributed 70% of the total sales. Exceeding the 1 billion mark, this made the UK’s TV industry the largest source of income.

International adaptations of shows like Love Island and Come Dine with me contributed 11% of total sales. 

Below are few of the TV market and their business;

The US is the leading UK TV export with a whopping amount of $644 million, followed by North America with the total sales of $572 million. Speaking of English speaking countries, Australia and Canada lead the show but when it comes to non-speaking countries France lead the show followed by the Nordic market.

Which UK TV shows have been remade internationally?

There are a variety of UK TV shows that are remade – sitcoms, dramas etc. Below are some known UK TV shows that are adapted internationally.

  • Doctor Who
  • Planet Earth
  • The office
  • Luther


Many of these shows gained worldwide recognition and success. But with shows like Skins, Broadchurch things were not the same as they failed to impress international audiences. 

Unscripted Formats

These include all those shows that are part of reality shows, dating shows or competitions. Some of such formats that reached outer audience are;

  1. Love Island
  2. Who wants to be a millionaire
  3. First Dates
  4. Got Talent
  5. Planet Earth

The UK is the top unscripted show producing country making 42% of the global export sales. 

Money Maker Shows

BBC’s Top Gear is known for biggest earning potential export making £50 million in more than 200 territories with a global audience of more than 300 million.

The Great British Bake off screened internally in 20+ countries from the USA, Denmark and Italy contributed 28% of UK TV exports.

Wildest Reach

Reality shows or dating shows remain the most demanded formats. Got Talent secured more than 70 sales global sales, likewise X factor and Idols both got 56 sales.

What future holds for UK TV exports?

UK TV’s industry and the media revenue is said to increase in the next 5 years. This directly implies an increase in the number of shows and boost of granny dating uk. There’s a subsequent increase in on demand subscription, which is good news for UK TV as SVOD contributes to 38% of the global sales. 

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