Which Are The Best Karaoke Songs To Dedicate Your Feelings This Father’s Day?

Father’s are our first & real life superheroes. We sometimes forget to thank our parents, especially our father for the things he has provided us. Father is the biggest motivator in life and without him there is no meaning of life. The relationship with father has no definition as he smiles when we smile, without letting us know his stress & pain. The entire world will be celebrating Father’s day on June 21, 2021 this year. This special day of honouring fatherhood is celebrated all around the world on the third Sunday of every year. 

It’s time that you honor the most special man in your life who stood tall in your life since the very first moment you were born. If you are in search of some beautiful songs to sing along and express your love & care towards him, we have curated a list of Best Karaoke Songs that are just pure Father’s day delight. Arrange something special for your dads as simple as dedicating lovely songs and heart to heart talk with him over a nice meal.

Papa Kehte Hain –

This song will always hold a top place whenever you are making a Father’s day song playlist. Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega connects with every youngster who is entering into college life. The millennial kids have grown up listening to this great song. Sing along with prime quality Papa Kehte Hain karaoke song available at Regional Karaoke. 

Papa Main Chhoti Se Badi –

Since its release, this song remains quite special for everyone. Sing along to this heart touching song with professional quality karaoke and we bet you shall carry these memories in your heart forever and ever. This song is just perfect to express cute father-daughter moments and holds a sure place in the father’s day playlist. 

Hamare Papa Aur Hum – 

This old song with wonderful lyrics brings out emotions and makes the perfect song to dance & sing along with your dad. This not-so mainstream song is just great and will give a child-father moment amidst all the celebrations giving the chance to tell each other about how you love them. 

Papa Mere Papa (Chanda Ne Poocha) Happy Version – 

This is one of the most popular yet emotional songs depicting the beautiful relationship a father shares with her daughter. Featuring Ajay Devgn & baby artist Rucha Vaidya this sweet Bollywood number is truly heart touching. Originally sung by Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal and Baby Aparna, this song will surely leave you hum along with it. Update your karaoke playlist by downloading a studio-quality karaoke version of this all-time favorite song.


Papa Ki Pari – 

This is the perfect song for Father’s day for the daughters showing their confession that they are and will always remain daddy’s girl. Featuring Kareen Kapoor and Pankaj Kapur, the song is an all-time favorite Bollywood number whenever you think of expressing your immense love to your father.

Pita Se Hai Naam Tera – 

On this special day let’s not only recognize the contribution of fathers but also of the father figures who have made uncountable contributions in our life. Show your love & feeling to them by singing along with this emotional Bollywood number. This song is about the contribution & compromises he has made to see us happy. Portray your countless emotions and million thoughts with Pita Se Hai Naam Tera karaoke song available here at affordable prices.  It is important to know about

For all the fathers in the world, a big thank you is a must for everything they’ve done for their families by singing along with these beautifully written & heart touching karaoke songs to them. Like them for the endeavors that they’ve taken so they could give us a superior life and furthermore cause them to feel exceptional inside and out. This rundown of best Hindi Karaoke Songs with Lyrics by Regional Karaoke flawlessly depicts the astonishing bond children share with their fathers and make the day more unique for the most important man of your life. Hug your dad and tell them how much you care and love them. This Father’s Day, give a big tight hug to your father and make sure to bring a broad smile on his face by letting him know how much to love him. At last, By visiting this site you can know about kids learning songs. 

Wishes Everyone Happy Father’s Day!

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