What Schools Must Know About Attendance Management Systems?


An organisation tracks employee time and attendance using an attendance management system. Calculating the working hours of your workers can save you time and effort if you have an accurate attendance tracking system.

The daily attendance, working conditions, and lunch breaks, including login & logout times, are all tracked by the attendance management system. It stops workers from time-theft fraud. In real-time, an attendance management system combines all attendance technologies, including smart cards, biometrics, and face recognition devices.

What Are the Features of Using an Attendance Management System?

The HR team can manually manage professor and administrative staff salaries and attend with automation. With the use of attendance tracking software, employee productivity may be monitored.

Institutions face difficulties from compliance problems, payroll discrepancies, and student proxy attendance. The institution may save time and money by switching to automated attendance software from paper-based timesheets and attendance. Consider the significance of an Attendance Management System that includes the following features:

  • Track Employee Performance

The programme tracks the workers’ check-in and check-out timings to help the institution evaluate the performance of the faculty.

  • Working Time

The HR staff uses the general working hours to help them calculate the total salary during payroll.

  • Payroll Processing Made Simple: 

The human mistake may lead to erroneous attendance records, costing you extra overtime compensation. When attendance is computerised, it is feasible to save paperwork and eliminate mistakes since the programme produces precise data.

Benefits Of Attendance Management Systems

  1. User-friendly: 

The user interface is really simple. Data recovery and storage are speedy and safe. Additionally, visual reports are offered, which make it simple and clear to evaluate data.

  1. Quick Report Generation: 

Various reports are available, including class-by-class attendance, attendance by class,  attendance by day, attendance by month, and many more. It can be quickly and readily produced. Reports from the past and present are readily available.

Types of Attendance Management Systems

RFID Attendance Management System

The most often employed method of automating attendance is radio frequency identification (RFID). The student attendance management system uses this straightforward approach to quickly indicate attendance for the whole class.

  • A smart RFID card with such a personal identifying number is given to each student.
  • The school’s entrance, classrooms, library, and other crucial sites may have RFID tags inserted.
  • Smart card users just pass through to the reader, which reads their identification number and instantly records their attendance.
  • The RFID reader may scan many cards at once, and the attendance of multiple students is monitored concurrently.

Biometric Attendance Management System 

Another practical computerised student attendance method that saves time and effort is the biometric system. It functions in the following way:

  • The biometric system connected to an academic ERP system stores the fingerprint of each student.
  • Students just place their fingers on the biometric, and following verification using the original fingerprint input saved in the system, their attendance is recorded.
  • There is less risk of fake or proxy attendance since a biometric system employs fingerprints, which are unique to each person. The biometric method is thus very precise and trustworthy for managing attendance.

School App Attendance Management System

Mobile applications for schools may help with student attendance management and provide smooth interaction between parents & instructors through LMS.

  • To start, a teacher may quickly record attendance using a powerful school administration tool.
  • It lets parents submit their kids’ leave requests immediately via the school app.
  • When recording attendance, absent students are marked as “on leave” on the app, saving the instructor from having to consider their status. As a result, teachers’ time and effort are greatly reduced.


With this method, teachers may use any device at any time to properly monitor their student’s attendance. Parents may keep track of their children’s attendance and leave records with this attendance & leave management system.

One of the major advantages of a computerised attendance system is effective workflow management. With the right process in place, employers may easily see requests for overtime, leave, or attendance regularisation with little to no dialogue.

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