What is the best free no-registration streaming site in 2021?


Soap2day is the best streaming site in 2021. It ranks first in our ranking for a number of reasons including its user experience, reliability, security, and most importantly, its legality.

This is the best option for everyone, but especially for people who are inexperienced with streaming or want to stay safe and legal. Although it is paid at the base, it is possible to access it for free. But how to do it?

2. WiFlix

This free streaming site without an account is super easy to use and very intuitive. You can watch a full movie with a huge selection of free movies. You can use Wiflix without creating an account.

The internal search bar works fine. You can search for the free movie of your choice without any problem. If you don’t have a movie in mind and you prefer to search through the list of movies offered, you can choose from one of the 30 movie categories available.

For those who enjoy full VF series streaming, know that you can watch the most recent seasons of your favorite series. Indeed, Wiflix’s mission is to offer top streaming to its visitors without having to register and it delivers the goods.

This no-registration site is spoiled for choice with over 400 pages of streaming movies as well as 140 pages of your favorite VF series. If you can’t find a particular movie or series and would like the Wiflix team to add it, you can contact them using their contact form.


HDSS is a great free no-account streaming site for 2021 that lets you see all the news for 2021. Indeed, the team regularly adds new content and makes sure that the movies and series that have just been released to the cinema are added quickly.

The visitor experience is an important part of HDSS. To do this, its team provides you with a large selection of streaming movies. In addition, this site is very well constructed so that you can find the movie of your choice quickly.

If you prefer to watch a VF series, HDSS has a great selection that you will love without recording. Like all the other sites mentioned in this list, HDSS offers access to full series streaming for free without registration or credit card.

4. Fazdor

Previously called Galtro, this site has changed its name to Itzor and now it has changed its name again to Fazdor. A name change is very common for such a streaming platform.

Fazdor is a free no-registration streaming site with an impressive catalog. Therefore, you can watch a free movie there at any time of the day that suits you. To access it, you must first click on the “Enter on Fazdor” button.

5. StreamComplets

This no-registration streaming site is reliable and offers a pretty interesting selection of free 2021 movies. You can choose the movie you want to watch based on its release date. You can also choose to watch a movie streaming from several categories like action, comedy, family, etc.

Full streaming of films in French dating up to 2006 is available on this site. If you are looking for a particular movie, you can use the search bar which will save you a lot of time rather than searching everywhere.

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