What is Thai Hilo? Detailed instructions on how to bet on Thai Hilo

The Thai game Hilo, also known as Thai Sicbo, has changed the way of playing and betting methods to become more attractive to the gaming community. So what is Thai Hilo and how to bet specifically? The content is below Kubet will answer in detail to help bettors be more confident when participating in betting entertainment on this game.
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Overview of Thai What is Hilo? 

What is Thai Hilo? This is a unique game that attracts bettors because of the magical spins of the dice. Accompanied by 3 dice, players will begin their betting journey by predicting bets on the table. With simple gameplay, Thai Hilo will lead you to a winning adventure to win many huge bonuses. 

The modern version of Thai Hilo is equivalent to the traditional game Casino Sicbo, helping players experience a new and exciting feeling. Thai Hilo possesses the ability to place large bets, increasing the chances of winning for all bettors. This is like a perfect betting playground for many people who want to enjoy the fun of betting. 

What is the term used in Thai Hilo?

In the vibrant atmosphere of the Thai dice world – Sicbo Sicbo, or Thai Hilo is an attractive game with many unique features. New players always wonder about the terminology used in the game Thai Hilo? Understanding the difficulties many new players encounter, below we will explore this Thai Sicbo term in detail.

  • Dice, cubes: Cube-shaped dice with numbers or dots corresponding to 1 – 6, are considered the soul of the game. 
  • Over – Under: Two familiar concepts, referring to the total score of the three dice being 11 – 17 and 4 – 10 respectively.
  • Hilo bet: A type of bet placed on the total score of three dice, requiring both skill and strategy from the player. 
  • Other forms of betting such as single bets, double bets or pair bets all have relatively high payout rates, depending on the difficulty of each form of bet. 

Play sequence in Thai Hilo

Players will enter a dramatic betting experience typical of the Thai game Hilo. At the table, the exciting atmosphere is created by the crowd, each person bringing expectations and excitement. Diverse betting features open before your eyes, helping bettors freely choose betting methods that suit their personal preferences.

If you play at a traditional casino, you need to convert to Chip to bet. For online casinos, the betting process becomes smoother. Because the house converts bets directly from the player’s account balance. At the start, the Casino Dealer shakes the dice in a bowl. Players will continuously predict the results of the three dice and make corresponding bets.

After each player makes a decision to bet, the Dealer will continue to open the bowl revealing the exact results of the three dice. If the result is as predicted, the bettor benefits from a bonus calculated at the house rate.

What is the betting form of Thai Hilo?

Thai Hilo games always stand out with a variety of betting forms to help you easily place as you wish. Specifically, the betting forms are as follows:
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Hilo Betting

Players will bet on the total score of the three dice, based on the final result. Success comes to players when predicting correctly and avoiding mistakes. In case of violation when the three sets are the same, for example: 

  • If you bet Hi 15 and the result is 6, 5, 4, the player will happily receive victory.
  • If you bet Hi 9 and the result is 333, the bettor will commit a violation and lose. 

Bet 11 Hilo

When the player bets correctly, the total of 3 dice is 11. If the result is 4, 5, 2, 11 Hilo will bring victory to the player.

Bet 6, 5, 1 in Hilo

In the 6 Hilo bet, you predict the appearance of 6 dice with the win or loss result being decided by the total of the three dice. For example, you bet 3 Hilo:

  • In case the dice result is 3, 5, 6 and the result is 14 total, the bettor will lose.
  • In case the dice result is 3, 4, 1 and the total result is 8, the bet wins.

Bet 4 Hilo

Bet 4 Hilo based on the appearance of dice 4. Success or failure depends on the player’s ability to predict accurately. Example of player betting 4 Hilo:

  • If the dice are 4, 6, 5 and the total result is 15, the player wins.
  • If the dice are 4, 2, 1 and the total result is 7, the player loses. 


Through the above article, you probably already understand clearly What is Thai Hilo?? Be confident and experience your betting passion with this fascinating game. 

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