What is 1×2 Football Betting? Experience in Effective Betting at New88

If you are a longtime online betting player, you will no longer be unfamiliar with 1×2 soccer betting. This is one of the bets that attracts many players thanks to its simple gameplay and high winning rate. In today’s article, New88 will explain What is 1×2 soccer betting?? As well as sharing the experience of playing this bet most effectively for you guys.
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What is 1×2 soccer betting?

1×2 soccer betting is another name for European odds. Although originating from Europe, since its launch, this bet has received the attention of many bettors. With simple gameplay, high winning rates and attractive profit margins are the outstanding strengths of this soccer bet.

How to play 1×2 soccer betting, when players only need to predict which team will win with the following 3 main bets:

  • Door 1: If the home team is predicted to win
  • Door 2: If the away team is predicted to win
  • Odds X: If it is predicted that the two teams will have a draw.

According to experts and experts, 1×2 soccer betting has simpler rules and does not require much skill. In particular, the probability of winning is up to 33.33%. This is also the reason why not only veteran bettors but also new players love to choose this soccer bet.

Instructions on how to read European odds most accurately

To be able to bet on football with the highest accuracy rate. Players need to understand how to read the odds of the type of bet they want to participate in. For 1×2 soccer betting, to understand how to read the odds on the betting board provided by the bookmaker. First, players need to understand the following specific symbols:

  • 1: Choose the home team to win 
  • 2: Choose the away team to win
  • X: Choose two tied teams
  • 1H.1×2: 1st half bet
  • FT. 1×2: Bet on the whole match

After correctly understanding what the symbols of 1×2 soccer betting are. Next, bettors only need to collect and analyze information before the match to make the most appropriate betting decision.

To help players better understand the 1×2 bet, bookmaker New88 will give a specific example below:

In the match between the two teams Manchester United and Manchester City, the bookmaker offers a 1×2 odds of: 1.80:1.57:1.92

  • 1.80 – Home team odds: If the home team wins the bet, the bonus will be paid at the rate of 1.80. If the home team loses, you lose the bet and lose the entire amount you bet.
  • 1.57 – Odds for the away team. If the away team wins and you win the bet will be paid at a rate of 1.57. If the away team loses, you will lose your entire initial bet.
  • 1.92 – Odds of two teams drawing: If you bet on a draw and the match results in a draw, you will be paid at the draw ratio of 1.92.

What is the experience of 1×2 soccer betting?

After understanding the concept and how to read what 1×2 soccer betting odds are. To help players win, New88 will share some useful betting tips such as:

The secret to predicting 1×2 soccer betting that is sure to win

Choose a reasonable time to bet

For 1×2 soccer betting, choosing the right time to bet will greatly increase your chances of winning. And according to experts’ experience, the time to bet is 3 to 5 days before the match takes place. Because at this time almost no adjustment has been made by the house so the odds are almost absolutely accurate.
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You should not place bets right when the match is about to take place. The reason is that the house will increase/decrease the odds to lure players. And the odds of winning will almost certainly be extremely low.

Analyze information before the match

Regardless of any bet you participate in, analyzing the pre-match information of the two teams is extremely important. Because it directly affects the result of the match. Therefore, thoroughly researching information before the match must not be overlooked, specifically:

  • The starting lineup of the two teams 
  • How is your recent performance?
  • What is the history of confrontation in the past?
  • Position on the rankings
  • Nature of the match
  • The tactics that the two teams will apply…

Understanding the strengths of the two teams will certainly help players make decisions about 1×2 soccer betting with the most accurate odds. And brings huge bonuses.

Maintain your mentality while playing

The last experience of playing European handicap that the bookmaker wants to share is that when playing, you need to have a plan and good capital management. A limit on the amount of winning/loss should be set so that players know how to stop appropriately.

Besides, it is necessary to keep your mind alert and not be affected by crowd factors. Being in a hurry and losing your temper will make it easier for players to make the wrong bet and fall into the house’s traps.


Hopefully this article has helped you understand what the concept of 1×2 soccer betting is. As well as the most accurate way to read odds and betting experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience exciting betting at the sports channel New88 for a chance to bring in big money!

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