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What an SEO Agency Does Each Day

If you are a business that has hired an SEO agency for your digital marketing, you may be wondering what your team actually does all day. Much digital marketing work requires in depth analysis of several factors impacting the performance of your website and your business as a whole. These are just some of the things that a typical SEO agency will do in a day to help you grow your business.

What an SEO Agency Does Each Day

#1 Rank Checks

As the goal of any SEO agency is to improve the ranking of your website, one of the most important things that they will do each day is check how you are progressing. This gives them a good idea of what they need to plan to do for the remainder of their day. If your website is stagnating at a low ranking position, they will start to strategise about what else they can do to start improving it. If your ranking is at a high position, they will determine what needs to be done to keep it there or to move it up even further. Your SEO agency will be able to use this rank check to evaluate how their current strategies are performing and make adjustments where necessary.

#2 Competitor Analysis

One of the best ways to stay ahead online is to look at what your competitors are doing. Whether they are succeeding or not, evaluating their position in the industry will help your SEO agency to inform the work that they do for your website. They will be able to weigh up what your competitors or doing well and also what they are not doing well, using this knowledge to craft your own strategy.

Competitor analysis can be key for measuring the trends of your industry and understanding what customers want from a business like yours. It will often underpin much of the strategy your SEO agency uses to create your own digital marketing approaches. Once your team is able to compare your progress to that of your competitors, they can move on to making recommendations for your improvement.

#3 Prepare Recommendations

After evaluating all of this data, your SEO agency can begin preparing the recommendations that they have for you. They will have had a chance to gain a sense of where your website is currently at and what they can be doing to improve it and better appeal to your customers. This process may involve further research into current industry trends.

Either via email or via a meeting, your SEO agency can then send their recommendations to you to hear your thoughts. This will give you the confidence that their hard work is leading to practical solutions that genuinely benefit your website. The recommendations may require some action from you or may simply be an update on what they plan to do next from their end. It is important to communicate and develop a solid plan together.

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#4 Create Content

It is likely that the recommendations from your SEO agency will involve the creation of some form of content. Once you have approved their plans, the next step is for them to organise this content and ensure that it is completed in a timely manner. Whether it is written content for your website, social media content, advertising campaigns, or another form, your SEO agency will be instrumental in its creation.

Whether it is explaining to you what you need to do to effectively create the content or getting their in-house team to do it, they can oversee the process and ensure it is done properly. They can then make any edits or adjustments needed to suit the tone and brand image of your business. This content creation will contribute to their overall strategy for improving your website.


These are just some of the tasks that an SEO agency team might undertake in a typical day. Ultimately, they will be engaging in a range of tasks that all have the ultimate goal of getting you the best results possible. They will help you to overcome your competitors and demonstrate to your customers that you are the top expert in your industry.

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