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Understanding Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

The best (and easiest) way for you to establish a presence for your organization on Facebook is to create a Facebook Page. A Page serves as a home for your business, as well as a place to notify people about upcoming events; post offers; provide your hours of operation and contact information; display news; and even display photos, videos, text, and other types of content.

Pages also allow you to carry on conversations with your customers and prospects, providing a new means of finding out more about what they want from your business. Facebook Pages are visible to everyone who’s online, regardless of whether that person is a Facebook member.

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This allows search engines, such as Google and Microsoft’s Bing, to find and index your Page. This can improve your company’s positioning in search results on those sites. Here are a few important components that make Facebook Pages the core marketing tool for all kinds of businesses:

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✓ The Publisher: The Publisher serves as the central component of a Page and allows you, the Page administrator (admin), to post status updates and links, and to upload content such as photos, videos, and links. These actions generate updates and display as stories on your fans’ News Feeds. Check out Real TikTok views, if ypou want to know about it.

✓ Like button: When someone clicks your Facebook Page’s Like button, she’s expressing her approval of your Page. That action creates a story in her News Feed, which is distributed to her friends, who are then more likely to like your Page because they trust her recommendations to get instagram followers.

✓ Cover image: The cover image is the large image at the top of every Facebook Page. It’s the thousand words that express what your business is about!

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