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Using app warehouses is the top saving solution, an informal application on the CH play store. APKfun – app warehouse with over 3 million apps and games is secure for users. It saves many people who use the Android operating system today when CH Play is not everything. So how to use APKfun? Is it difficult for users? Let’s consult with us – APK Downloader

Instructions for using APKfun and games, apps for your device 

If you’re a regular person who downloads Android apps, especially games, you will know about APKfun. This is an unofficial application and not available in the CH play. Not only allows you to download the app’s APK files but sometimes the individual data, which is unavailable on CH play. In fact, CH play has not given users the Apk file through third-party tools a long time ago, which makes it difficult for users, especially those who download apps that need to FAKE IP or use VPN. But instead of FAKE IP or using another tool, you can use APKfun to download and install the game, and applications completely free. Here are some steps to help you get your app easily. 

Step 1: Go to the main URL of APKfun: https:// apkfun. com / . If you use iPhone, open Safari and access the above link. Then APKfun home page will appear.

(APKfun homepage on desktop screen)

(APKfun homepage on desktop screen)

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Step 2: Search for games or apps you want to download into the app search box (keyword_ ) then click the magnifying glass. Here I’ll give you an example of what I’m looking for: Woodoku.

Step 3: Your job now is to choose the right app according to your search criteria. In this step, the application I’m interested in first. After finding it, click on the application to move to the download section! 

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Step 4: After clicking into the app will show the link to us. Click on “download apks now” to download now. That’s how we can download the app we’re looking for. If you want the older versions of your app to match your device, it’s possible to select the version before loading. This is something that even if the CH play or App store are not available for users. You can only download apps from a warehouse-like APKfun.

Here are some guidelines for you downloading Apk files outside by APKfun warehouse. It’s easy, right? 

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