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Trendy Walls Sell Homes

The choice of paint color can have a surprisingly significant impact on physical properties. Certain colors can psychologically influence buyers and their perception of a home. As such, choosing the right wall color has become increasingly important in selling homes.

Attract Today’s Buyers with Top Colors

A prevalent trend in recent years involves utilizing stylish walls to enhance home sales. These distinctive and visually appealing wall designs infuse homes with personality and character. Homeowners are leveraging various wall treatments, such as bold geometric patterns and vibrant accent walls, to differentiate their properties in the competitive market.

First Impressions Matter

Think about it, the exterior paint color is often the first thing potential buyers see. A fresh, neutral-colored exterior creates a sense of cleanliness and upkeep. On the other hand, a bold or outdated color choice can turn some buyers off before they even step inside.

Psychology of Color

The colors we choose for our surroundings can influence our moods and emotions. This is true in real estate as well. For example, light and airy colors can make a room feel spacious and calming, while warm colors create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Selling vs. Personal Style

While you might love a deep purple living room, it might not appeal to some buyers. When selling a property, it’s often wise to choose neutral colors allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space.

Strategic Use of Color

This doesn’t mean you have to banish all colors from your house. A strategic accent wall with a trendy color can add personality without overwhelming potential buyers.

Leveraging Trends

While neutral colors are a safe bet, incorporating some trendy colors can help your listing stand out. Certain colors can even lead to a higher selling price.

Considering Your Target Buyer

Ultimately, the best paint color choices will depend on your target buyer. Are you selling a modern condo in the city, or a traditional farmhouse in the suburbs? Understanding your demographic can help you choose colors that resonate with them.

By understanding the impact of paint color, you can make strategic choices that will help your property sell quickly and for the best possible price.

Potential benefits for sellers

There are several reasons why trendy paint colors can be attractive to sellers:

Highlighting Unique Features

Carefully selecting a fashionable color can enhance a property’s distinct architectural features or style. For instance, a vibrant jewel tone on an accent wall could highlight a stunning fireplace in a living room.

Appealing to a Specific Target Buyer

By incorporating trendy colors popular with a particular demographic, you can attract a more targeted pool of buyers.  For instance, painting a bathroom with a spa-like green hue might appeal to millennial buyers seeking a wellness haven.

Creating a Sense of Modern Design

Utilizing trendy colors can showcase a property’s modern aesthetic and keep it feeling current. This can be especially important for attracting buyers who value a stylish and contemporary living space.

Potential drawbacks for sellers

While trendy colors offer some advantages, there are also drawbacks to consider:

Narrowing the Appeal

While trendy colors might appeal to some buyers, they could deter those with different preferences. Opting for a bold or unconventional color scheme might restrict the number of potential buyers open to overlooking it or visualizing their decor within the area.

Repainting Costs

Keep in mind that not all individuals may appreciate the latest color trends. Some buyers might be put off by a trendy color and think about the cost of repainting before making an offer. Consequently, this situation could result in a reduced selling price.

Trendy Colors on the Rise and Their Creative Applications

Current Trends in Real Estate Paint Colors

The real estate paint color landscape is constantly evolving, but here are some of the hottest trends.

Dark and Moody Tones

A surprising trend is the rise of dramatic and sophisticated dark colors. Deep navy blues, charcoal grays, and even inky blacks can create a sense of luxury and intimacy in the right space.

Earthy Greens

Nature-inspired green hues are experiencing a surge in popularity. Soft sages, warm olives, and mossy greens bring a sense of serenity and connection to the outdoors.

Warm Neutrals

While always a safe choice, warm neutrals are getting a refresh. Think colors with a hint of beige, cream, or even terracotta, offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Japandi Influence

The minimalist and nature-inspired aesthetic of Japandi design is influencing color trends. Look for muted tones, natural textures, and pops of black for a clean and sophisticated look.

Trending Colors for Different Rooms

Here are some specific examples of how to incorporate these trends into different rooms:

Living Rooms

1.   Earthy Green

Earthy greens are all the rage, bringing a sense of nature and serenity into your living space. Soft sages, warm olives, and mossy greens create a calming and inviting atmosphere.

2.   Warm Neutral

Warm neutrals are always a safe choice, but they’re getting a refresh this year. Think colors like a hint of beige, cream, or even terracotta, offering a cozy and inviting atmosphere. A light “greige” (gray-beige) is a sophisticated backdrop for colorful artwork and furniture.

3.   Japandi Influence

The minimalist and nature-inspired essence of Japandi design influences the color trends in living rooms. Expect subdued hues, organic textures, and touches of black for a refined and elegant appearance. Combining a luminous white with black accent pieces evokes a sleek and minimalist ambiance.


1.   Dark and Moody

A surprising trend is the rise of dramatic and sophisticated dark colors for bedrooms. Deep navy blues, charcoal grays, and even inky blacks can create a sense of luxury and intimacy in the right space. For those blessed with a generously lit, spacious bedroom, here’s a bold suggestion: opt for a deep charcoal gray. It can transform your space into a lavish and snug sanctuary.

2.   Warm Neutral

Warm neutrals are always a classic choice for bedrooms, and they’re getting a refresh this year. Think colors with a hint of beige, cream, or even terracotta. These warm and inviting tones create a cozy and relaxing space that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. A soft beige provides a restful and calming environment.

3.   Earthy Green

Soft sages, warm olives, and mossy greens bring a sense of serenity and connection to the outdoors. These hues are ideal for cultivating a serene ambiance that enhances restfulness and encourages a good night’s sleep. A muted olive green promotes tranquility and connection to nature.


1.   Japandi Influence

The minimalist Japandi design blends well with bathrooms. Using pale blue with natural wood accents creates a serene spa-like feel. This trend focuses on creating a calm environment for relaxation and rejuvenation.

2.   Warm Neutral

Neutral tones like creamy white is a timeless choice for bathrooms. Choosing creamy white hues maintains a radiant and roomy ambiance, which is advantageous for small bathroom spaces. This choice is secure and adaptable, catering to prospective buyers.

3.   Earthy Green

Soft sage, an earthy green, brings nature’s calm into your bathroom. This color creates a spa-like retreat at home, complementing materials like wood and stone.


1.   Warm Neutral

Warm neutrals are always a safe choice for kitchens, but they’re getting a refresh this year. Think colors with a hint of beige, cream, or even terracotta. A light taupe creates warm and inviting tones for a cozy and functional space for cooking and gathering.

2.   Japandi Influence

The minimalist Japandi design is shaping the current trends in kitchen color schemes. Opt for white with black hardware and open wood shelving for a modern, clean look. This trend focuses on functionality and offers a sense of spaciousness.

3.   Muted Accents

A pop of color can add personality to your kitchen. A muted blue-gray island paired with white cabinets is a trendy option. This combination offers a touch of color while remaining sophisticated and timeless.  Other muted accent colors to consider include soft greens or yellows.

These are just a few examples, and the best color choice will ultimately depend on your specific property and target buyer.

Considering Alternatives

When choosing paint for your real estate property sale, it’s easy to be drawn to trendy colors. However, it’s wise to explore some robust alternatives to make the best choice.

The Enduring Appeal of Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are a popular choice for a variety of reasons. They offer several advantages for sellers:

1.   Broadening Buyer Appeal

Neutral tones such as beige, white, or light gray have a broad appeal among potential buyers. Their understated nature avoids polarizing preferences. A neutral color scheme empowers buyers to visualize their furniture, decor, and style within the space, facilitating a stronger connection with the property.

2.   Creating a Blank Canvas

Neutral walls serve as a blank canvas for potential buyers, enabling them to envision their design ideas and personalize the space. This feature can expedite sales, making it easier for buyers to connect with the property.

Strategic Use of Accent Walls

If you’re still drawn to the idea of incorporating a trendy color, consider using it strategically:

1.   Accent Walls

Instead of painting the entire room, use a trendy color on one accent wall. This allows you to add a pop of personality without overwhelming the space.  It also gives potential buyers a sense of how they could incorporate bolder colors into their design plans.

2.   Smaller Areas

Consider using trendy colors in smaller areas like powder rooms, laundry rooms, or entryways. This allows you to showcase your design sense without alienating buyers with a dominant color choice in a larger living space.

Ultimately, the best approach depends on your specific property, target buyer, and overall design goals.  Weigh the pros and cons of trendy colors carefully and consider the timeless appeal of neutral palettes.

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