From sunny islands and delectable cuisine to majestic temples and renowned martial arts, Thailand has it all.

Thailand’s unwavering spirit and reputation as the “Land of Smiles” have made it a perennial favourite among travellers throughout the world.

It boasts a wide variety of scenery all around the country. Starting with lush green jungles, lakes, temples, and elephants in the north. In contrast, tropical islands with white-sand beaches are a traveller’s choice down in the south.

Thailand is a fantastic location for budget visitors, expats, and anyone who wants to spend their vacation along one of the world’s most beautiful coasts.

Despite getting swarms of tourists every year, Thailand is always welcoming. Thailand’s magnificent temples entice you in, and you can’t help but be fascinated by the country’s past. Thailand’s beautiful and blue waters are lovely, pleasant, and highly picturesque, completing an ideal vacation.


The dry season, which runs from November to April, is the best time to visit Thailand because temperatures are milder and days are picture-perfect for outdoor activities. The only drawback is that it is also the peak tourist season in Thailand. Flights and hotel rates will rise, and the beaches of Phuket and Krabi will be crowded.

Plan your visit to Thailand between May and October to escape the crowds. While you’ll have to deal with frequent, short-lived rainstorms, you’ll be rewarded with decreased airline and lodging costs.

Thailand’s Biggest Festivals:

Thailand hosts a variety of vibrant and thrilling festivals that appeal to both tourists and residents.

Songkran, April 13–15:

Thai New Year festivity featuring numerous water gun fights in Thailand’s major towns.

Loi Krathong & Yi Peng,November:

These two celebrations take place around the same time and are known as the “festivals of lights” because of the lanterns released into the sky and illuminated “boats” released into the river. Chiang Mai is the finest spot to celebrate these events.



The sound of reciting priests and chimes ring delicately in our ears, asking us to make the following stride up the flight of stairs to the strong Golden Mount Temple in Bangkok.

Climbing Golden Mount Bangkok

C344 stages to the Golden Mount.It is a bright evening as we set off up the wide substantial flight of stairs that slice through the hanging trees covering this odd and remarkable slope in old town Bangkok . its 344 stages the trip is genuinely simple as the way tenderly twisting its way to the top


Discussing activities in Bangkok and excluding the famous Tuk Ride – Naah! This three wheeled mechanised vehicle has been utilised as a taxi in Bangkok since World War II. It’s a pleasant approach to exploring through the city’s confined paths.

Floating market

Shopping in the drifting business sectors of Bangkok is an encounter that you can’t miss. These generally set up drifting business sectors in boats offer a surprise into the nearby lifestyle. Boats are heaped high with a wide range of shopping things. However, keep an eye out! When you venture into the boat that could mean you can’t venture out without purchasing something.

Pattaya beach 

Thailand comprises loads of little islands and sea shores in the south which are renowned for pleasant views and wonderful landscape. On the off chance that you can’t venture out to remote sea shores, attempt the Pattaya Beach. It is only a 2 hour drive from Bangkok and is something like a full-spread oceanside. Water sports like swimming and kayaking ought to top your rundown of activities in Pattaya.

Scuba Diving

With shellfish and clear waters, Thailand is probably the best spot on the planet to figure out how to Scuba jump. There are a lot of superior grade (and reasonable!) jump schools to browse. On the off chance that you are a confirmed jumper, consider doing a liveaboard plunge trip for an encounter that could only be described as epic!

Get yourself a smoothie 

Wherever you go in Thailand, new organic product smoothies are nothing to joke about. They are heavenly, come in a wide range of natural product flavours, and are very reasonable. Each market offers new natural product smoothies, however be cautioned, the greater part of the slowdown adds sugar water to make them taste far better. Sound tip: Ask for ‘no sugar’.

Sunset at Skybar rooftop bar in bangkok

An extraordinary method for shutting off your time in Bangkok is by watching the nightfall from a housetop. With a 360 degrees view over the entire city,Octave is a bar, beyond the vacationer region with an incredible view and close to the Thong Lo BTS stop.

Hotels to stay in:

Navalai River Resort

Unwind in this store lodging that neglects the Chao Phraya River and is strolling distance to the Grand Palace. Take a dunk in the roof pool and get something to eat in the on location eatery.

InterContinental Bangkok

Taste on champagne while ignoring the horizon of Bangkok in this all around found 5-star inn. Partake in the on location spa and 24-hour wellness focus as well as the 5 different feasting choices accessible.

Centara Grand West Sands Resort, Phuket

near the air terminal this enormous hotel is home to Splash Jungle Waterpark which is loads of good times for families.

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