Top Online Tools for Teachers

You will not deny the fact that most of the school-related work has gone online. Teachers are being forced to teach digitally and manage all the work on apps and tools, whether it be taking classes or making a record of daily attendance.

However, all teachers are not entirely familiar with the technology and it is getting quite difficult for them to shift everything from offline to online. To solve that issue, we are going to discuss some most useful and free online tools that a teacher can easily use to carry out their operations with ease.

Useful Tools for Teaching

Below we have made a list of amazing and helpful online tools for teachers. The tools have different functions for fulfilling all the requirements of teachers that they need for educational purposes, like taking classes effectively, taking attendance, getting answers, convert PDF to Word, and many more. Let’s have a look at them:


Nearpod is a wonderful tool made especially for teachers to make teaching more immersive. By using Nearpod, teachers can present videos lectures in creative multimedia form for students and students won’t have any issues while playing those lessons on any device.


Viper is a multifunctional windows tool that a teacher can use to perform various functions. This tool has ready-made themes of different topics that teachers can present to their students in the classroom. It also helps in finding grammatical and typo errors in notes before handing them over to the students.


A very subtle and useful tool, as the name suggests, for taking attendance during class with ease. Here, teachers can make a list of students very quickly and update it every day. They can also add photos of students and keep a personal record of every student.


A tool that every teacher will need, Thinglink assists teachers in improving their way of learning. This tool provides creative images and references a teacher can use while explaining anything, in a matter of seconds. The best way to keep students excited during the class.


Editing a PDF file can be very hectic for teachers. Many teachers do not even know that it can be done within seconds. PDFSimpli is a popular PDF editor to help teachers in editing a PDF document before providing it to students.


Taking every response in a class is not an easy task at all. PollEverywhere is a tool worth mentioning for teachers. By using this tool, they can create polls for questions and ask students to choose their answers from the given options. Teachers can have separate results from all the participants in the app.


BehaviourFlip is a tool designed to give rewards and punishments to students online. Yes, you are hearing right, by using BehaviourFlip teachers can have a record of the behavior of students after every class. Students with good behavior throughout the term get rewarded and naughty students get punishment.


Last tool that has been designed to help teachers in maintaining silence in the classroom. Toonoisy gives a beep sound to students every time they get too noisy and directs them to turn their mics off. This is indeed a very useful tool for teachers.

What do you think about the above-mentioned tools? All the tools are going to be very beneficial to you, especially if you are a teacher. Check them out and eliminate the hassle in your life.

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