Top 5 Obstacles That Stops Your Reloading Journey

If you are considering getting started in reloading, it’s great news. After getting into reloading, you will deal with the technical service departments for the bullet, reloading equipment, powder,  and many more. However, you can have an expert on the phone to answer any questions you might have in a matter of minutes. When you’re thinking about getting started and reloading in this article we’re going to cover five mistakes or misconceptions that all too often come from folks. Let’s explore it…

  • Cost

So many people think they should start reloading solely because of cost. If you plan to start reloading extremely hard-to-find calibers or extremely high cost per round calibers, you can get over this initial investment much faster. While it’s true that the cost per round goes down for the average loader. The overall amount of money spent tends not to. Most of their reloaders said that they spend the same total amount or even more after they start reloading. The difference is the amount of rounds they went through usually increases. There are two types of people when it comes to reloading those that lie about the money they save and those that are going to.

  • Time

Time to reload is not insignificant especially when you’re starting. If you’re reloading on a single stage press we’ve heard some people estimate around 50 completed rounds per hour. If you’re reloading nine-millimeter by the time you subtract the cost of components you likely aren’t saving enough money to make up for a minimum wage job. If you start loading on a progressive press this can speed up the process but it also is more complex and certainly has a higher initial cost. You don’t want to be in a rush when you’re reloading Hornady Load Data of xxl-reloading, especially when you’re starting. But if your time is limited you may want to think twice about getting started but if you’ve got endless amounts of free time this may not be a concern for you either. Some people even end up running multiple presses simply because they don’t like to spend the time to change calibers.

  • Space

The amount of space you need to reload your ammo is highly variable but some space is going to be needed. The more calibers you reload for the more space you’re going to need. Having a relatively cool dry place to store your components is going to be needed if we want them to last. Some people have a cool setup just in their closet. Some people strap a 2×4 to their kitchen table and they can start reloading but setting up and taking down your setup was going to add to the previous item as well. However, space is always going to be a factor that how you want to reload is up to you but it is the suggestion that considers how much space you’re going to need to be able to do it effectively. 

  • Dealing With Tedious or Repetitive Work

Reloading ammo is not complicated; you only need four different ingredients. However careful inspection for defects ensuring that the proper amount of powder is in every case is a very important step to make sure your reloads are safe. Some people find this type of work relaxing and enjoyable while others don’t have the attention span to stick with it. If you’re ready to dive in make sure you’re aware of the time that it takes and that you’re going to be able to give it the attention that it needs to be done safely.

  • Find the Right Components

Often the times of low component availability are when people want to dive into reloading. Keeping an appropriate stock and components on hand can be a challenge but the last thing people want to do is spend a thousand dollars on a setup and then they can’t load anything because the powder or primers that they need can’t be found at a reasonable price. Managing proper component supply is going to vary depending on your usage but it seems to never hurt that when you do find the components that you need that you make sure you have enough to last you for a little longer than you might think.

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