Top 3 LUVME wigs give you higher control over your styling experience


The difference between styling with your natural hair and styling with a wig is that natural hairs offer you more control. However, this does not go true for some wigs because they are made to offer you higher control. Here we will discuss how these wigs make your styling experience much better.

So, here are our top 3 wig types that you can choose if you want to put more attention to detail with control on your hairstyle.

Closure Lace Wigs

The closure lace wigs bring a big section of lace for you, which makes it possible to style your hair with more detail. These wigs’ lace sizes usually range between 4 and 5 square inches. So, you get your hairline covered, and the partition also gets in the lace area. Due to this lace, these are known for their unique styling and wearing experience.

Benefits and features of closure lace wigs

With this unique structure and size of lace, the closure lace wigs offer several benefits and features, including the following.

Maintain the most natural looks with the right partition

Partition is the most important thing you need to check when buying a wig. That’s why some wigs come with various fixed partitions. With the closure lace wigs, you can set your partitions as you want. In this way, trying several hairstyles with one wig becomes extremely easy. On top of everything, this feature makes these good for trying unique hairstyles.

No hard-to-meet maintenance requirements

If you want a wig that you can wear daily, then closure lace wigs make the best option. These wigs offer a better styling range with an easy user experience. Together these qualities make this one of the best wig types for routine wearing. The premium quality of the lace in these wigs also keeps everything comfortable.

Glueless application for quick and worry-free usage

For most wigs, the glue helps keep the wig’s lace in its place, making the lace sit flush with the skin. However, in most cases, that glue makes the wig visible. With closure lace wigs, you can experience a glueless application. The lace of these wigs will automatically sit flush with your skin. In this way, you will enjoy a worry-free experience as nobody will be able to tell if you are wearing a wig or not.

LUVME Braids

LUVME braids are for women who love braids on their heads but don’t want to do them with their natural hair. It is because braids can take a lot of time and effort. Additionally, these are not easy to remove for some people. 

So, LUVME braids make the perfect choice because of how well they look and how easy they make the whole experience.

Benefits and features of LUVME Braids

The LUVME braids are not all about their looks. There are some practical benefits and features as well that you will love about these.

Instant styling with glueless usage

Firstly, the LUVME braids don’t need any glue for their application. It means that the whole thing will take under 10 seconds, and you will be ready without effort. As the application is effortless, styling is effortless as well. For the most part, you will not need to style your wig. Even if you do, there are no complex requirements, so putting on your favorite style will be the easiest.

A great pick for beginners, especially those who want to gain experience with wigs

Due to no complex requirements or styling procedures, the LUVME braids make a great option for beginners. These look gorgeous, and beginners can learn a lot using these wigs. As a beginner, you can style quickly, learn how to manage your wig for extensive hours, and learn wig management.

Breathable and comfortable with premium lace

LUVME braids are made with thin, premium lace that helps hair blend in with your scalp. This premium lace is also responsible for keeping everything comfortable and breathable for the scalp. The combination of this lace and glueless application makes the comfort level of these wigs even better.

Lace Frontal Wig

Different wigs are famous for different reasons, and the lace frontal wig is known for providing more control over the hairstyle. It is because of the strategic sizing and placement of the lace in the front section of the wig.

 The front is the most critical part of any wig; with this lace placement, the hairline and partition section can easily be detailed.

Benefits and features of Lace Frontal wig

The lace frontal wig is usually famous because of the placement of the lace. Technically it brings a long list of benefits, and here are the top 3 of those:

A versatile styling experience while keeping it easy to apply

You can enjoy a versatile styling experience with the lace frontal wig. These wigs let you try different hairstyles; for each style, you get to pay the most attention to every small detail. With all these details, the lace frontal wig is easy to apply, and putting the wig on your head makes you ready to go.

The Lace Frontal Wig will always meet all your requirements

There will hardly be a situation when the lace frontal wig does not meet any of your requirements. These are available in a huge variety with varying features. Additionally, all these wigs are made with natural human hair for top-quality. So, you only need to look for the requirements and find a perfect wig.

Premium lace keeps it comfortable and helps put more attention to detail

With all the styling options, the lace frontal wig offers comfort, unlike any other wig. The premium lace part on your scalp keeps it free from sweating or itching. Meanwhile, it also reduces the effort you may need to style your hair correctly. With easier usage, you can always enjoy a top-notch wig usage experience with the lace frontal wig.


Being able to control everything about your wig means that you have a similar experience as your natural hair. Some wigs bring an even better experience with their feature set. You can select any of the wigs we discussed for the best styling options.

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