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Tips To Choose The Right Dining Set Furniture

You would have probably heard the famous saying, ‘The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table’. Whoever said this had a deep understanding of how busy life can get and how necessary it is to stop and have a moment to share with your friends and family over a meal. The right dining furniture can do just this for you! It can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interiors while providing high levels of functionality and comfort. 

If you are looking to revamp an existing dining area or want to buy dining furniture online, don’t forget to save these tips.

Study your Space

First things first, measure your allocated dining area to determine how much space you can play with. Consider the length and width of the space, along with the height of the ceiling. Knowing these dimensions is a good place to start, as it can help regulate the space around the furniture that is required for free movement. Rule of thumb? The distance between any wall and the edge of your dining set should be a minimum of 3 feet. 

Additionally, knowing how much space is available can also help in planning for extra storage furniture or seating options, if required.


Explore a style that best compliments the rest of your home. Whether it is traditional, rustic, or modern and minimal, your dining area must flow with the rest of the interiors too. Consistency in style creates a cohesive and pleasing aesthetic. Some of the popular styles include:

  • Traditional: This style encourages the use of a heavy wooden dining table designed in shapes like rectangles, ovals, and boats. Some of these come with intricately carved legs that enhance the overall grandeur. Traditional doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, it is considered a timeless design that will remain in style no matter what the season. They also come as 4 seater dining tables.
  • Scandinavian: Opposite of the above, these are sleek and minimal with angled or straight legs. Often made of wood, they are considered to have the best combination of functionality and beauty with simple designs. Scandinavian designs are best for smaller spaces, with even a 6 seater dining set being able to fit in seamlessly in your space. They make a space feel light, airy, and bright. 
  • Industrial: A hugely popular design option, industrial designs include modern dining furniture with wooden tops and metal legs. The combination of rustic wood and exposed metal gives a juxtaposing effect. 
  • Contemporary: Contemporary designs are the most trending dining sets online that you can buy. They are sleek and simple and come in combinations of glass tops with metal bases. This is a great option to choose if you want to create an ultra-modern look in the room.
  • Glam: Falling under the category of contemporary but also needing a mention of it’s own- Glam designs are modern in style. They use mirrors with gold metallic details and clear glass tops. Glam designs focus on bringing out glamour and shine with clear, sleek, and slim frames.


Dining tables are daily use furniture. They are bound to have scratches, spills, and other wear and tear that can occur with regular use. That’s why it’s important to pick the most suitable material for your household. Common materials for dining tables include wood, glass, metal, acrylic, rattan, marble, granite, and plastic. 

A few things to think about before picking the material for your dining table online are- how easy is it to clean? Is it termite-proof? Can it be maintained easily? The material of a dining set greatly influences its durability, maintenance, and design. Brands like Wakefit offer dining set online that are light but sturdy and ergonomic too.

Seating Capacity

It is worth considering the number of people who use the dining table regularly. This includes the number of potential guests who regularly visit your home. Knowing this number can ensure the right amount of seating space and ascertain how big the table should be. After all, the last thing you want is people hovering around a cramped dining table waiting for a turn to sit and share a meal!

A bigger dining table isn’t always the solution, especially if you are cramped for space. Instead, plan your seating capacity and include chairs, benches, or even ottomans to support extra seating options. If you have plenty of space for traffic flow, a 72-inch rectangular table can easily seat up to six people.  

Shape of the Table

If you think size matters, think about shape as well. Rectangle, oval, and circle-shaped tables are ideal for formal settings that lean closer to a classic style. Whichever shape you choose, it’s important that the space surrounding it doesn’t look cramped. Dining areas have a high traffic flow, and it’s important to keep them as airy and free as possible. Ideally, the shape of the room should be directly proportional to the shape of the table, assisting in overall symmetry. However, the latest trends include free-form tables that are unique in style with their abstract tabletop designs. 

Types of Seating

Spice up your dining area by moving away from the traditional model of purchasing matching dining chair online with the table.  Opt for the eclectic trend of mixing and matching seating options in the dining area that is increasingly popular in most interior design combinations. Placing a bench on one side of the table not only saves space but also adds a fun element to the area. Another option to get creative and experiment is by choosing chairs of different shapes, forms, and even colours! A word of caution, pick colours in the same palette, or it can be an eye sore. For further guidance, check a colour wheel to know which colours will best suit your interiors. 

The Perfect Dining Set To Create The Perfect Memories

Follow these tips to choose the perfect dining table set for your dining area. After all, just as the saying says, ‘Families that dine together, stay together’. There’s nothing that an open conversation cannot resolve, and if it’s over a meal in a gorgeous table setting, there’s scope for celebration too!

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