A Journey from Belfast to Glasgow

Have you been putting off relaxation and forgotten the last time you embarked on a journey? How about visiting Glasgow? It has everything for a rejuvenating experience: landmarks, nature, and entertainment. Moreover, for an average of £40, you can book a ticket from Belfast to Glasgow, and the journey itself will take approximately 46 minutes.

Flying to Glasgow?

Organizing a trip Belfast – Glasgow is worth it, even just to attend the comedy festival. Treat yourself to plenty of smiles, meet new talents, relax, and forget about your worries — that’s what this festival is all about. Another reason to visit Glasgow is the Riverside Museum and the Kelvingrove Museum.

As Glasgow is Scotland’s largest city, is it possible to get bored here? Besides museums and art exhibitions, Victorian architecture, and modern cultural hubs, there’s also everyday life. It thrives amidst charming cafes and boutiques, especially in the beautiful West End and practically on every street in the city.

How to Get to Glasgow?

Note: We’re specifically discussing flights from Belfast, as travel details from other cities and points worldwide to Glasgow may differ significantly. So, what do you need to know?

Glasgow has three airports: Glasgow Intl, Prestwick, and Edinburgh. In total, you can choose from 65 flights per week to travel to Glasgow! This means you can easily book seats for your desired dates and destinations. By the way, April is considered the cheapest month for air travel. So, if you plan your trip for this time, it will definitely be beneficial for your wallet. Another great way to save money is to monitor the best ticket prices for your desired date (sometimes, this can be done using automated services). The best solution is to book them in advance. In this case, you won’t overpay for urgency, and it’s a type of saving where you don’t compromise on the desired level of comfort and service — you just reduce the travel cost through your own foresight.

Interesting Fact: When you fly direct from Belfast to Glasgow, you’re most likely to come across offers from easyJet, as it’s the most popular airline. However, tourists can also take advantage of flights operated by Aer Lingus and Emerald Airlines.

Departures from Belfast are possible from two airports: BFS and BHD. Both airports are quite convenient, and Belfast City Airport, in particular, has one terminal, but it’s busier and serves more flights.

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