Things To Consider For Elopement Wedding Photography

Elopement weddings are the most happening mode to get hitched. The word elope no longer has a stigma attached to it. It does not refer to a runaway wedding that is socially ostracized in a few communities. Contrarily, it is a small wedding with a close-knit group of friends and family, usually less than ten members. 

Elopement weddings are stress-free

There are many benefits to an elopement wedding, and personalization is a key element of these weddings. Owing to a small guest list of close and known people who are normally the support system of the couple, there is no stress of smiling and acknowledging people whom you have not known personally. All of us will agree that trying to recollect the summer that you spent with your nana’s sister from the East Coast will be difficult on your wedding day, especially if more than twenty summers have passed since. 

Elopement weddings, on the other hand, help a couple plan their day in a manner that reflects their personality and view. It will involve flexibility in the budget where instead of footing a large bill for catering, a couple can opt to spend on professional elopement wedding photography.

How to prepare for elopement photography?

There are a few things to consider before you finalize hiring a wedding photographer. Here are a few points to remember that can be helpful whenever you walk this path:

  • Planning and organizing

Elopement wedding photography is a niche space with people who have mastered this genre of art. If you are the kind who tends to procrastinate things and feels that something will be figured out, you may be in for a rude shock. 

Remember that most elopement wedding photographs are shot in breathtaking locations with an awesome natural background. The epic pictures that reflect a couple lost in each other’s arms in an adventurous terrain are not photoshopped. 

Considerable preparation and efforts go into these photographs that include travel. Having said that, it is also important to note that most travel, adventure, and professional elopement photographers’ calendars are packed, for a few months at a stretch. So, it is better to get in touch with them way before the wedding, so that you can zero down on one that matches your requirement

  • Talk to your photographer

You are eloping for the first time, but a photographer has experience clicking these shots. So they know what a couple can expect on the day of the shoot. A professional photographer ideally tries to know the couple better. They ask about their story and what they are expecting their pictures to reflect. This is important for a photographer as they like to break the ice and get to know the couple better. 

Without walking down memory lane, it is difficult to capture the transitions emoting unspoken feelings in candid shots. So, try to answer all the questions a photographer poses to get you and your partner better. 

  • Follow instructions 

If you are planning to shoot at a location that is familiar to your photographer, then follow their instructions to avoid delays and unwanted surprises. If the location is a place that is new for you and the photographer, then be practical about getting all the information about the nearest place to stay and weather conditions. Prepare accordingly as you may be venturing into difficult terrain. A pair of shoes to walk on rugged surfaces and jackets to counter wind and cold weather will be useful. Always be prepared with something to drink and snack on on the day of the wedding shoot as it may turn into a long day. 

  • Check the price

An elopement photographer charges by the hour and offers packages that a client can pick from. You have to understand how long the entire shoot day may take and the number of hours a photographer will be dedicated to your project. The cost of the travel is either invoiced or borne directly by you as arranged in the agreement. Always ask for an estimate of costs, so that you are aware and can budget for it in your wedding expense schedule. 


Choosing the right frame is a knowledge and skill game, but capturing the emotion in the picture, to tell a story in a frame is an art. So choose someone after some research and dialogue.

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