The Most Exciting New Sport: Zorb Ball!

Zorb ball may not be a familiar sport to most of us, but it’s slowly gaining traction in some parts of the world, including Europe and Australia. The game itself is pretty simple—participants get inside these giant inflatable balls and try to move around as much as possible, bumping into one another at high speeds. There are no referees or rules—just you, your Zorb ball and other participants out to cause chaos as you all go careening around the court or field. All this makes this ball perhaps one of the most exciting new sports around today!

What exactly is a zorb ball?

Zorb ball is a game where two teams of two players each try to push the other team’s ball across their goal line. The players can only use their feet, so it’s like soccer except you can’t use your hands or the ball. It is basically a human-sized hamster ball with big air chambers on both sides that helps keep you upright when you fall down. It’s like an oversized version of that game you played as a kid called Hot Potato, only with more bumping, grinding and collisions. When a player falls down they have to get out of the way because they can never touch anyone else while they are on the  ball or else they get penalised.

How did the sport originate?

The ball was created by a British inventor named John Taylor. Invented in the late 1960s, this modern take on an ancient game called shinny (a kind of hockey) is played with two teams of five players each and can be played either indoors or outdoors. The game begins with the players lined up at centre ice. To score, you have to knock the opposing team out of bounds or ram into them until they fall over. If your own zorb falls over, you have to wait for someone from your team to pass you a new one before rejoining the play.

Is this really safe?

Zorb balls are not your average bouncy balls; they are, in fact, the new extreme sports sensation that most people would never even think of. They’re basically a human-sized hamster ball with big air chambers on both sides that allows you to safely bump into other people and things without worrying about getting hurt. This might sound like fun and games, but it can actually be quite dangerous if you don’t follow the rules of etiquette. If someone isn’t paying attention when you’re going for a wild ride, or if they try to slam into you for their own amusement, then you could end up coming out of the ball bruised and battered.

Where do I find one?

You can find zorb balls in most sporting goods stores. As the name suggests, they are typically used for recreational purposes and are not the type of ball that is used in professional sports. Keep in mind that these balls do not come with instructions on how to use them, so you’ll need to figure out what your body needs to do when you’re inside. Some people will bounce up and down as if they were bouncing on a trampoline, while others will try to move around like they are running through a maze. The goal is usually just to have fun and see who can go the longest without falling over or getting stuck.

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Other facts about zorb ball

  • It is a completely new sport that has never been seen before. 
  • Zorbs are human-sized hamster balls with big air chambers on both sides. 
  • The game is like an oversized version of Hot Potato, only with more bumping, grinding and collisions. 
  • These balls are weighted so when you roll them down the hill they will pick up speed until they can’t be controlled, at which point it becomes a free for all.


Zorb balls are large, inflatable balls that are connected to a fan. When the fan is turned on, the balls start to spin, and anyone who steps inside of them will be sent flying across the floor. Zorb balls were invented in Switzerland in the 1990s, and they quickly became a popular activity for birthday parties and other events. It can be played by anyone of any age, but they are most fun for teens and adults.

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