The Evolution of Roulette – Where Did It Begin?

Mystery has surrounded the game of “roulette” for decades, and not many people know about its origins, where it first came from or who was responsible for creating this online casino game. Some say it was a French match wizz who created it while others say it was first derived in China.

A game such as this, which is played in almost every casino, online, such as on the casino UK platform, and also inside land-based gambling halls, has become a part of the atmosphere. There is never space where this perpetual motion machine has not been included and played by millions within any gambling arenas.

The Evolution of Roulette – Where Did It Begin?

One of the oldest and most favoured games in any casino has to be Roulette. However, there is little information on how it started, evolved or even how it got spread across the world. Apart from the many stories we hear, there is evidence that a similar game existed 400 years ago in the form of either the “Rota Fortunae” game or “Wheel of Fortune”. There are many theories, and we look at a few below.

The Ancient Chinese Conspiracy

An ancient Chinese board game, similar to roulette was once a popular scenario in many households. Consisting of 37 animal figures that fit into a magic square, and the numbers should total 666.  Discovered by monks from the Dominic republic, they were deeply intrigued and thus involved in the game and through them, the idea was brought to other parts of the world such as Europe.

In terms of how the game was played, there is no literature or evidence to showcase this. However, these monks slightly altered the layout of the original game and made the square a circle, and added an extra slot for a 20” (zero). The similarity however was that the French version also had an extra zero slot.

Spinning The Wheel in Ancient Greek

Gambling and games that involved betting were also popular amongst the greek soldiers who enjoyed their spears and arrows and used them as betting items. They would draw various symbols on the inside of their shields and put them face down on the ground, and an arrow was placed next to the shield. They would then spin the arrow and see what symbol it would stop in front of.

Similar to the Romans, who had to have as much fun as possible, being on the battlefield and with all the death and destruction, kept them busy and occupied with lesser intense activities. Theirs involved spinning chariot wheels and guessing numbers.

The French Take All The Credit

The French, however, seemed to have taken all the credit regarding this game. French roulette shared the closest resemblance to modern-day roulette. Invented in 1655 by French scientist Blaise Pascal, it was first played in a casino in Paris.

Albeit a brief introduction to the game, at the end of the day roulette will always be around no matter how or where it was first invented.

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