Take you to understand the profit live studios: How do web studios make money?

Web casting is getting worse and worse now. The only possible way is to set up your dedicated studio so that the live broadcast platform can’t easily block you. Everyone is familiar with the concept of web games and mobile games,

Since you want to set up a studio model to run an online entertainment live broadcast business, you must be familiar with this area. Thus, there is a very successful case and an exact profit model, a successful business model proven by countless people over the ages. Okay, more nonsense, I will give you a detailed list, what I want you to know and what I think you need to know, including

Game quiz

A game quiz is similar to a football quiz. It is to invest a certain proportion of virtual props to predict the result before the game starts. If the guess is correct, you will be rewarded. Otherwise, a game quiz will lose the initial investment cost.

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Besides the four main profit models mentioned above, there are also some other niche profit models. For example, some live music websites will sell microphones and props for singing.

Anchor Mall:

While watching the live broadcast, I found that many anchors have their own Taobao shops. Some of these Taobao shops are operated themselves, and the anchors and Taobao shops share some in cooperation. Since so many anchors have this demand, why don’t we open an “anchor mall” directly on the live broadcast platform?

Anchor Club:

anchors are the entry barrier for anchor practitioners is low, so any cat or dog can register to become an anchor. Still, it is also challenging to become a popular anchor, and it is foreseeable. Low-quality anchors will gradually raise the level of the industry as a whole. So I think that the live broadcast platform can set up corresponding anchor clubs. Also you can know about Back pain specialist by visiting the site.

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