Take Pro Pictures: Top 3 Tips for Your Smartphone 

Modern smartphones can do everything from being able to watch Netflix to playing games. And their price doesn’t matter: some cheap devices perform better than their competitors.

However, when we talk about taking pictures, more expensive models often have better quality. Of course, it’s still difficult to become a professional only with a smartphone. But it’s not a random number generator at where you cannot change everything. If you know some secrets, your photos will be stunning, and these are the first tips you must learn. 

Close up 

“Just please don’t shoot me close-up! I don’t look good!” – is a phrase professionals often hear from the person posing. Close-up portraits can be some of the most beautiful in your album.

Some people, trying to avoid a second chin in photos, pull it up as high as possible. And it’s wrong! By stretching your neck and raising your head up high, you look comical. The second chin can become even bigger. Keep your head slightly tilted to the side, so that a shadow was put on the line of the second chin. It is the shadow that masks the imperfections of the face. When shooting a portrait, ask to be photographed from above.

An elongated oval will look shorter if, on the contrary, you ask the photographer to photograph you from below. Such a trick, by the way, will shorten your nose. 

Don’t try to pose. When shooting a portrait, it’s better to withdraw into yourself, to think about something pleasant. And then, remembering, for example, the sea, look into the lens. Posing with a non-professional model often creates an unnatural expression.

Bright direct sunlight will “help” to accentuate bruises. Try to stand so that your face is evenly illuminated. The easiest way is to find shade.

If you have a smartphone that can create a bright bokeh effect, this will be a nice bonus. The picture will be brighter, “juicier”, and more original.

Taking Vivid Selfies

When taking selfies, there are two simple rules:

  • Look into the camera like a mirror. Do you like the way you look at yourself? Feel free to press the button!
  • You should always take selfies with your smartphone over your head. This way you kill two birds with one stone. First, you become visually slimmer, the second chin completely disappears. And second, you “capture” much more of yourself. In order not to miss the view for which you pose, change your body position until you get the desired object in the frame by shooting from above.

How to Avoid Disproportionality

Often Internet users, looking at pictures from social events, are perplexed. Why have all the stars been photographed in such a way that they look cartoonish? This happens when the socialite reporter is limited in space and the stars pose literally two meters away from him.

Under such conditions, you can only take a tall picture if you squat down and shoot the artist from underneath. Then the celebrity will flaunt his long legs in the picture, while his head and face will become small and his body will be shortened.

Avoid that kind of thing! If you have limited space, ask the photographer to do a lap portrait.

To get a proportional figure, the focus of the shooter’s lens should be on your solar plexus. This way you get perfect proportions. Your legs will look visually longer, your figure will be slimmer, and your head and shoulders will not shrink.

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