Reviewing the need & role of workers’ compensation lawyers in Richmond 

Workplace mishaps often leave workers in an unfortunate state of despair. Thankfully, the Virginia Workers Compensation System exists to help injured victims. Depending on what you do after an accident, you could recover benefits that can help cover the losses, such as your wages lost and the cost of medical care & treatment. Sadly, many injured workers don’t understand the complex legal process involved, while some are scared of losing their jobs for filing a workers compensation claim. You could clear most of these usual doubts by contacting an attorney specializing in the field. Here’s why you should consider having an attorney. 

Know the basic laws

Having a workers’ compensation lawyer ensures you don’t fall for the common myths. Your attorney will take the steps to educate you about the system in Virginia, what you should do next, and the mistakes to avoid. The first thing they are likely to tell you is about the no-fault nature of the workers’ compensation system, which means you don’t have to sue your employer or lose your job. 

“I cannot afford an attorney.”

That’s another thing that many injured workers worry about – the cost of hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer. Most law firms in Richmond that fight for employees are compassionate and usually work on contingency. In other words, you don’t pay the usual hourly rate. Instead, when you recover the benefits, your lawyer will get a share of that. Also, there is an upper limit to what an attorney can charge, and you won’t lose everything you have recovered through your workers’ compensation claim. 

What would an attorney do?

First and foremost, your lawyer will ensure you follow the due process to recover workers’ compensation benefits. If your claim is denied, which is not unusual, they will prepare for an appeal. They will request the required records, such as your medical treatment details, accident reports, and wage information. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will also directly communicate with the insurance company for you and take care of the complex paperwork. Lawyers also help injured workers with other critical matters like entitlement to Cost of Living Adjustment. If the case goes to a hearing, they are also responsible for representing you. 

After a work accident, your health & life could be at risk, especially if the injuries are severe. Insurance companies don’t care, and you may not always know how to recover the benefits. Let a workers’ compensation lawyer handhold you through the entire process. 

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