Protein Powders for Men: Health Benefits, Side Effects, and Dangers

The health and fitness industry has grown tremendously through the past few years. People have adopted different means of cardio workouts, pulling off weights, following a balanced diet instilled with an adequate proportion of proteins and vitamins and much more. In the race to stay fit, the consumption of dietary supplements such as protein shakes, tablets, energy bars, capsules, etc., have gained greater prominence. 

Protein powder tops the chart, by being the most desirable supplement consumed by men to add leverage to their fitness regime. Protein powder for men is a dietary supplement that is formulated with the basic macronutrients and proteins like egg, whey, rice and soy. Since the sources are all-natural, with no added chemicals, this has also contributed to the success of protein powders, in terms of sales. 

The concentrated powder extracted from these organic sources can be diluted with water, juices, and milk or it can be topped up, over the morning breakfasts (cereals, stocks or soups). As per the survey, it has been observed that athletes and bodybuilders have contributed majorly to the sales of protein powder. It is because, in order to accentuate the rough training sessions and muscle enhancement workout, a proper amount of protein is crucial for the body. To fulfil the same and meet the high protein requirements, this supplement is ideal to be a part of the fitness regime.

If you are following a regular fitness pattern and intending to revive muscle tissues and boost immunity level, then including the protein powder for men is the go-to. Moreover, the protein complex facilitates healing from injuries, provides stamina to perform hardcore activities like lifting weights, and retains naturally glowing skin. 

This article throws light on the back and forth details related to protein powder for a healthy lifestyle; covering health benefits, side effects and dangers associated with the dietary supplement.

Protein powder- supporting muscle strength and body fitness 

Towards a Fit Lifestyle: Health Benefits of Protein Powder

Protein powder is safe to be included in the diet on a routine basis. Despite your fitness goals or targets, a consulted scoop of protein powder can bring in wholesome nutritional benefits to your body. Nutritionists too endorse the induction of the protein powder to add on a favourable boost to your daily life. Consuming them in a concentrated form or as per your preference can help in balancing blood sugar levels in the body instigating natural body growth and muscle development. 

The proven health merits of protein powders for men are listed below, take a look. 

  1. Boosts stamina and reduce body weight 

Protein powder for men is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that help your body to produce enzymes, chemicals and hormones for muscle growth and maintenance of tissue. Consuming supplements rich in protein can help in a big way. A review conducted in 2017 found that consuming whey protein on a routine basis has reduced body weight and body mass. Interestingly, it worked for people with severe conditions like obesity. Moreover, it helps to balance cholesterol, blood pressure and keeps good heart health. 

2. Maintenance of tissues and muscle enhancement 

Athletes prefer protein powder for men on a routine basis in the form of shakes or juice which help them to boost immunity and add on a layer of bulk after the tough fitness training session. Precisely, a limited intake of this dietary supplement has proved to be propitious for those who lift weight in the gym or follow a robust regime. 

3. Soothes muscle soreness 

Without the fear of bloating, this protein supplement can be initiated in the diet. Moreover, judicious consumption, as per the recommended dosage can facilitate in growth of muscle and repair of the damaged tissues. It helps to revive from muscle soreness through synthesis after an intense workout session. 

Possible Side-effects 

There are limited side effects or dangers associated with protein powder for men. However, one of the palpable drawbacks is that people who are lactose intolerant can react poorly to some whey powders which contain high additional sugar. To curb this effect, consultation from a nutritionist is a must! 


Medical studies have suggested that an excess protein intake can prove to be harmful to your health, especially for those who have chronic kidney and liver issues. Thus it is recommended to adhere to a dosage that is formulated on the basis of age, lifestyle and associated activities, weight, training etc. 

According to the American Heart Association, a threshold amount of 24 grams of added sugar for women and 36 grams of added sugar for men is the ideal proportion per day. 

Some protein powder for men might contain sugar or calories, much higher than the required proportion. Athletes, whose nutritional needs are much enhanced than the ordinary, therefore it is advisable to consult a nutritionist for accurate medical assistance. 

Protein powder when concentrated with milk can sometimes result in consumption of 1200 calories due to high sugar levels. This can lead to an abnormal rise in blood sugar levels, weight gain and chronic issues like diabetes. 

The Bottom Line 

Kickstart your day, the healthy way with a recommended scoop of protein powder for men. However, a recommended dosage must be followed to avoid the repercussions offered in case of overconsumption.

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