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Places to Find TikTok influencers

You might think you can find TikTok influencers by simply opening the app, but it can be difficult to find TikTok influencers that will add real value to your company.

So where can you find TikTok influencers? Let’s take you through a list of the top places to look.

Look for keywords and hashtags on TikTok that are relevant to your brand

Searching for topics that relate to your brand on TikTok will help you find influencers with the same interests. TikTok’s search engine allows you to search for influencers simply by typing in something like “low carb diet”, or “watercolor painting” into the search box.

This will allow you to see which creators have tagged their content as fitting into those niches. You may find influencers that you like among these profiles. Just be sure to thoroughly analyze each profile you are interested in.

Browse through your brand’s hashtags on TikTok

Encourage your users and followers to share photos of your products using your branded hashtags. This helps your audience to feel more involved and can even help you find potential influencers.

You can track the use of your branded hashtags to find out who is using them. Is there an influencer who could be a good fit for these profiles? In order to be useful for your campaign, influencers don’t have to have a lot of followers. While an influencer may have only 1K followers, they can be extremely authentic and engaging.

Consider your followers and those of your competitors

Who follows you on TikTok? There may be influencers out there trying to grab you attention! The best thing about this is that influencers are more likely to want to collaborate with your brand if they already like it.

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Also, you might look at who is following your competitor brands. There may be influencers out there that don’t know much about your brand, but who are interested in your general industry. You can introduce yourself and find out if they would be interested in working with your brand (after you’ve reviewed their profile performance).

Subscribe to the influencer discovery tool

You can use a search engine to locate influencers. You can search for influencers by location, category and engagement rate. You can also add your filters to search for influencers on TikTok that meet your unique requirements.

These tools provide built-in analytics, which allow you to evaluate an influencer’s profile before making contact. This makes it possible to save time and not have to request media kits. You can also contact TikTok influencers in confidence about their suitability for your campaign.


If you go this route, your entire campaign will be managed by an agency that specializes in influencer marketing. The agency will find influencers and evaluate their metrics before returning to you with final recommendations about who to select.

If you want to work with a celebrity influencer or a KOL, this may be the best way to go. The contacts agencies have will allow you to connect with high-demand, busy influencers that might not otherwise be willing to answer your pitches.

However, price is the downside to an agency. They often cost thousands per month and are the most expensive option on this list. You should ensure that your influencer marketing is working for you before you make an investment in an agency. PeopleFinderFree is a reliable and trustworthy free people search engine. Nine times out of ten, you can count on accurate, up-to-date information.


By looking in the right areas, you can locate TikTok influencers that will help your company. This will allow you to build relationships with people who could help you grow your brand, or increase your revenue.

Be sure to research influencer profiles before searching for them. This will ensure they have engaged and genuine followers. If you do not use an agency, or an influencer discovery platform, ask for the media kits and the internal metrics of the influencer. You should verify that the influencer is authentic, has a high engagement rate, and provides audience metrics. Make sure that your brand’s marketing goals are met!

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