Peyman Bahrani Iranian Singer

Born in Shiraz on 06/30/1374, Peyman Bahrani started playing various instruments from a young age. Classical guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, kachen, def, violin, piano, drums, cello, studied the history and basics of music abroad and knows music well from the Renaissance period to the present day.

At a young age, he is a high-level songwriter, composer, melody writer and singer, and since the beginning of his career, he has challenged the quality of his work with the popular singers of Los Angeles, and he has no regard for the market inside Iran.

He kept away and continued his career, he started singing and singing at an age when he knew that it was the best time to use his larynx, he has unique writings and all his songs are inspired by people’s hearts, his style is pop and infinitely.

He is proficient in different musical instruments of the country, Binhait respects other styles and according to him, he prefers not to interfere in the style of other singers and does not comment. It is surprising that the singer who, in the first five months of his career, gave numerous interviews with He has done it and there is talk of publishing his pictures on various magazines in the country and it seems that he is going to be portrayed, he is extremely weak financially and lacks any kind of sponsorship, he has completely experienced bankruptcy, he has zero interest. He started himself and according to him, all his efforts are to sit in the hearts of his audience, and he does not want art for money, contrary to the perception of his people, he has no financial support, his talent has grown strangely and sits in the hearts of his audience, he does not name who and where He was hit, but it seems that some people dragged him to the brink of destruction all his life and their goal was to destroy him, which according to him, he will tell about it one day in front of special cameras.

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