Opportunities to make money with Sypwai: All about Sypwai

Sypwai is a new British startup headquartered in London. The company started its activity in 2018. And soon the startup received a $90 million development grant from the LifeAsapa Foundation. This stimulated further activities of the company in the field of artificial intelligence development. Today, each of you can take part in the grandiose projects initiated by Sypwai. Moreover, you can make good money on it.

What does Sypwai do?

The whole world is embraced by the idea of digital transformation. In a number of countries, ministers for digital infrastructure have even appeared. Many well-known experts speak on the issue of digitalization on well-known IT portals. The digital economy has many advantages. It is not only electronic goods and services produced by e-business and e-commerce, as many believe. Digitalization not only reduces the cost of payments and opens up new sources of income. But at the same time, it also means new challenges both for the leaders of the countries and for each of the citizens. In particular, it is the ability to learn, the readiness to constantly master the knowledge of the latest technologies, including those developed by Sypwai in order to adapt artificial intelligence to making decisions that are much more significant for human society than now.

The company is currently piloting technologies that can help create industrial and IT infrastructure for processing big data, educate specialists to work with “smart” systems, and develop digital technologies to enable the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

The long-term goal of Sypwai’s work is to ensure socio-economic development in such areas as a breakthrough in scientific, technological, social and economic spheres; raising the standard of living; creation of conditions and opportunities for self-realization and application of the talents of each person.

However, so far few understand that this concept goes far beyond the purely economic and technological approach to the digitalization of the population. Ultimately, we are talking about the role of man and his place in the future society, where artificial intelligence will dominate and decisions made with his participation will have unambiguous, and not multi-valued options, as they are now.

At the press conferences held by the Sypwai company management, it was repeatedly noted that the technology itself is neutral, and it depends only on all of us whether it will bring evil or good to society. That is why you should think about improving the quality of decisions made by artificial intelligence. To this end, a special Sypwai platform has been developed to help train and develop artificial intelligence. Anyone with a personal computer device can participate in the platform. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have already taken advantage of this opportunity. What is the process of learning artificial intelligence, and why is it so necessary?

The Need for AI Training

German researchers Norbert Arnold and Thomas K√∂hler in the recently published study “Digital Society” note the need to regulate the consequences of the introduction of artificial intelligence. The fact is that in the conditions of existence of society created by digitalization, scenarios for the abuse of modern technologies and large-scale errors become so obvious that their consequences can far exceed those described by George Orwell in his dystopia “1984”, as well as by other authors – Ray Bradbury, Jack London or Eugene Zamyatin, who wrote the novel We in 1920.

German researchers see a solution to the problem of countering the negative consequences of digitalization in deepening such an area as the protection of personal data from abuse. This is understood as the right to informational self-determination, the protection of the right of the individual in the event of its digital processing, and, finally, the protection of the personal sphere.

At the same time, the temptation arises for tight state control over digital technologies in their various forms. However, the tightening of legislation and the free interpretation of existing laws by law enforcement agencies are fraught in today’s environment with the transformation of society into a dystopia. Therefore, the process of digitalization of the economy, and especially of public life, must constantly go hand in hand with the processes of strengthening AI self-control mechanisms associated with the introduction of digitalization. After all, technological progress cannot be abandoned, since in the end it will contribute to the solution of many problems.

Programs are being implemented all over the world, the purpose of which is to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy, the social sphere and public administration. The priorities include the creation and flexible regulation of modern information infrastructures. But this is impossible without constant training of artificial intelligence. Often it occurs in the form of solving many game problems. And you can ask them yourself, cooperating with Sypwai.

How can each of us partner with Sypwai?

To cooperate with Sypwai over the age of 18, it is enough to have:

  • a personal gadget with which you can access the Internet;
  • basic user skills;
  • registered account on the Sypwai platform.

All of the above makes it possible to train AI according to the methods developed by Sypwai. In short, it consists in asking artificial intelligence a large number of logical tasks. And for this simple, but exciting work, you can earn money.

What is required for registration?

To register on the Sypwai website, the following is required:

  • open the registration page on the site;
  • enter the login, password, phone number and e-mail address in the appropriate form;
  • confirm registration by phone and e-mail.

Registration makes it possible to receive the instructions necessary for work and withdraw the money earned.

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