Nine Top Players To Light Up The 2022/23 UCL Season

The UEFA Champions League almost always brings out the best in players. We see some of the best moments from top players, and they continue to give us their best until their team is out of the competition or they’ve won. So, with the new season and games already going, let’s look at some of the top players. 

These players have high expectations, and they’ve set their eyes on the prize. They play for teams with real chances of making it into the final phase of the competition, and they are at the top of the Champions League predictions pyramid. So, they all have a real shot at winning the title with their respective teams. 

Let’s get into the list without wasting time to give you our top Champions League picks as the 2022/23 season progresses. These players promise some of the best footballing abilities and are ready to help their respective teams win the title. Check out the list below for our top nine players to light up the 2022/23 UCL season. 

Lionel Messi

One of the, if not the best, players ever to grace the field of play in many decades is Lionel Messi. He is a gem for any team, and even though he is in the twilight of his career, he still carries the play and dictates the flow. If there is any player with the best abilities to help his team win the UCL, Messi will still be one of the first choices. 

Erling Haaland

The youngster has always been a menace in front of goal from his early playing days at Molde in Norway. Haaland was always in the news for his big-money move, and as he ended up at Manchester City, we expected great things. And following what he has done so far, it is unlikely that he won’t be one of the top players in the UCL at the end of the season. 

Robert Lewandowski

The veteran striker switched allegiance to Catalunya this summer to play for Barcelona. Since his move, he has been lighting up the show in Spain, but he is yet to impact the UCL. But we all know how excellent Lewandowski can get. Therefore, we expect he will light up the show with time. 

Kylian Mbappe

Another youngster with a track record of dominating competitions is Kylian Mbappe. And as he plays in the front three that includes Messi and Neymar, Mbappe has what it takes to reach heights unimaginable. He is still young and can still achieve so many things. So, we look forward to what he does this season. 

Vinicius Jr.

Since his massive improvement last season, Vinicius has become one of the most exciting youngsters in the world. When he first joined Real Madrid, he didn’t live up to expectations, and many fans called for him to be shipped off. But he has since made adjustments to better his game, and now he is one of the players we check out. 

Karim Benzema

Last season’s highlight was filled with Karim Benzema stealing the show. From the round of 16 to the final, Benzema was the best player. And he deservedly is in the lead for the Ballon d’Or. We’re yet to see the Benzema juice this season, but we know it is somewhere there and can come out at any point throughout the season. 

Raheem Sterling

Moving to London has shed new light on Raheem Sterling’s career. His move is still in the early phase, but we can see that he is an excellent addition to the Blues. He has the chance to help the team win their third UCL title. If Chelsea wins the title, Sterling will be at the forefront of the attack. 

Mohammed Salah

Every new-age football fan can testify that only a few attackers are currently ahead of Mohammed Salah in the standings. Salah has been one of the best players in the Reds shirt since his move from Roma. He has helped them win everything, and even though he has a slow start, we expect him to pick things up soon, as do most Champions League predictions today.

Sadio Mane

After about five years of playing for the Reds, Sadio Mane decided to move to another country and play for Bayern Munich. Mane is one of the best African players playing in Europe. He has shown that with the right partnership, he is unstoppable. And we think he would have that with the current Bayern team.

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