My Travel Journal Of Himachal Pradesh

My travel experience at Himachal Pradesh. 

The day began with a morning that appeared to make me unhappy. I travelled here to admire the snow-capped mountains. But they’re now hidden beneath the clouds.

I’m going to see Khajjiar Valley today. It is an hour’s drive from Dalhousie. So the driver instructed me to leave in the afternoon.

After bathing, I had breakfast with potato parota, bread, omelette and yoghurt. My current hotel’s check-out time was twelve o’clock.

Khajjiar is a beautiful valley in the lap of the nature of Himachal. Khajjiar is only 23 km away from Dalhousie. Many call Khajjiar the Switzerland of India.

It didn’t take me even an hour to reach Khajjiar Valley. My next hotel, NSN Khajjiar Regency, where I plan to stay, is on Khajjiar Road. 

The View From My Room

After arriving at the hotel, NSN Khajjiar Regency, I checked in, opened the door with the house key and unpacked the luggage. I arranged everything.

Luckily I got a suite in this hotel too. There is a lot of space in this room. The balcony provides a clear view of Khajjiar Valley.

It’s already beyond noon. I, too, must have lunch. But I’m not hungry because I ate a healthy breakfast in the morning. But when I saw the menu, I ordered chicken cutlets with french fries and a soda.

Meanwhile, while sitting at the hotel, I rolled over and went out to admire the Khajjiar Valley scenery from the balcony. 

The sky is gloomy, and the chilly wind is blowing, intensifying the temperature over here.

I then walked to the valley to meet the driver. He said that there is a chance of snowfall today.

This Khajjiar Valley is a really wonderful place. There’s a lot of scattering of greenery all around. It seems as if someone has spread a green sheet. Rows of tall pine trees on the sloping green slope.

The green valley transforms into an ice paradise in winter, much like this green velvet sheet.

Walking around in such a beautiful place is a different kind of experience. 

However, the abrupt onset of rain sometimes makes it difficult for me to appreciate that experience.

Gradually the weather deteriorated. It started to sprinkle. And there are no signs of it slowing down.

That’s when I realised it was becoming late and I needed to get back to the comfort of the hotel in this freezing cold.

On this rainy night, I though khichuri would be fine, so I ordered it.

Then I moved on to have a good night sleep, but I kept waking me up owing to the severe cry of the cloud and the heavy rain.

The Next Morning

It is next morning, I woke up quite early in the morning.

The pouring of the rain has intensified a bit and the cloud seems not to calm down  any time soon.

We have to leave the NSN Khajjiar Regency by 12 p.m. today. The hotel, NSN Khajjiar Regency is already booked.

I called the driver and inquired as to what should be done. I heard the road was closed. There is no vehicle going or arriving.

But I suppose nature has a surprise for me.

The sky started to clear. But I’m terrified. What happens if it rains again?

But instead snow began to appear on the high hills on the other side of the pine forest in Khajjiar Valley. 

I jumped out of excitement and said,”Oh, great!” This is just what I desired.

The clouds are circling the valley. Beautiful scenery. Also it does not appear like there will be any additional rain.

The black clouds had water in their tummies all night, and they are now fatigued. So they are now white and lovely.

I contacted the driver again. He instructed me to check out of the hotel.

The driver said he would leave a little later. So I went on a tour of Khajjiar Valley and shot some photos.

Leaving For My Next Destination

We left as soon as my driver arrived for our next location, gently descending down the snow-covered trail.

I can see that the leaves of the pine trees are being covered with white snow, much like a Christmas tree.

I am enjoying it very much. I’m having a great time strolling around this beautiful ice paradise.

Suddenly, all of the cars came to a halt. I became terrified. What occurred? Can’t the car go any further?

The driver grinned and invited us to come down and take photographs, selfies, play with ice in our hands, and whatever else we wanted.

Wow! A lot to get without asking!

After half an hour of having fun on the ice, the driver asked us to get in the car. It will be too late to make it to NSN Hotel Himdhara.  So the car started.

I noticed a lot more cars a bit farther on.

These vehicles will also travel to Khajjiar. However, because it is hard to move upstairs in this circumstance, they may have to return to Dalhousie today.

Arrived At The Hotel

Finally arrived at NSN Hotel Himdhara. It’s a lovely location, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy my time here.

All these Hotels I have booked from one single site. It was really convenient and hassle free as well.

You can also look through their list of NSNHotels hotels near hidimba devi temple and book one at your convenience.

I have written another blog on Himachal Pradesh. You can check out that if you wish to know about my experience on it.

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