Meaning of Emerald gemstone

Beautiful green-colored emerald is known as an extremely precious member of the very famous Navratan family. Emerald has driven its name from the French language with a tint of a Vulgar Latin influence that initially used to say it as Esmeraulde or Esmaraldus, which later changed to today’s Emerald gemstone. It is somewhere also believed to be named after a Greek word ‘Smaragdus’ that denotes the green stones but it refers to all kinds of the green stones that are known to exist. When it comes to the Indian context, Emerald is also known as the very auspicious Panna stone that has derived its name from a Sanskrit language word ‘Marakata’, which means ‘the blooming green color of growth and prosperity.

Emeralds are believed to carry extraordinary soothing properties with them that they work amazingly well to generate freshness and liveliness in the lifespan of an individual. Today as we have enormous options to buy gemstones online, now you can also own this mesmerizing gemstone online. It is a priceless stone for the gem lovers. Emeralds hold a rich vibrant green color symbolizing the tranquility of nature that has been a reason for its value throughout the ages. Beautifully crafted focal jewelry of Emerald enhances the youth of the human body and peaks on its power in the springs. With a specific gravity of 2.76 and the Mohs hardness of 7.5 to 8 emerald proves its high compactness. The fine cut emanating shine with optimal silky glow and transparent shade of an emerald gemstone is quite rarely found and sometimes makes it even more valuable than a diamond.

Besides the eye-catching beauty and amazing healing powers, Emerald is an enigmatic stone that abounds deep bizarre meaning with it. Let us try to decode the meaning of this precious stone or find out what does an emerald signifies. You can also read out the Remarkable benefits of wearing an Emerald Gemstone in our previous blog.

Spiritual Meaning of Emerald

Since ancient times, the emerald or Panna gemstone has been considered as the symbol of love, truth, and strength. In the early Greece and Rome era, this precious gemstone was said to be associated with the goddess Venus, the purveyor of affection and anticipation.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Emerald gemstones were believed to be an eternal source of life by the Egyptians and were highly admired by the Incas too. Certain people also believe that Emerald is a gift from the ancient god of wisdom, Thoth.

Emotional Meaning of Emerald

Because of the strong healing and rejuvenating powers, Emerald is not only beneficial for your physique but also acts outstanding for the wellbeing of the mental and emotional health of an individual. Its soothing energies embody patience, compassion, activate creativity and harmony among the wearer.

This mystic stone is believed by many to be an excellent emotional healer. It boosts memory and derives peace in the mind of its wearer. The stunning green rays that are emitted out of an emerald gemstone significantly bestows conceptual clarity and emotional stability.

Doting Meaning of Emerald

The symbol of hope, Emerald is associated with the vision, intuition, and truths. In ancient times the emerald stone used to represent vitality and a new journey in the life of its wearer. Where ruby represents true and passionate love, emerald denotes intense but mature love.

Emerald also reveals and enhances true love between the couples. Therefore, Emerald is a best-known gift for a partner on the occasion of an engagement or anniversary. You can also gift it to your loved ones to start a happy beginning of a strong natural connection and faithful relationship.

Wellness Meaning of Emerald

Besides being one of the most beautiful stones of all time, emerald is also counted among one of the best healing gemstones for the ailments of your body and the wellness of your heart. The soothing properties related to the green color of an emerald bring relief to the suffering from ear, eye, and heal skin and vision disorders.

Wearing or being carrying an emerald (Panna gem) is thought to revitalize drained body parts like the kidneys, pancreas, immune, and nervous system. It is a precious stone that imbues freshness and vitality in the spirit of the wearer.

Besides the astrological and health benefits, the alluring and calming hue makes the emerald a favorite of many people around the globe. If you want to avail maximum benefits of this precious stone, it is greatly advisable to buy and wear only a certified Emerald. While buying a gemstone for astrological benefits, you should rely upon a trusted store only. Navratan is a leading supplier of natural colored gemstones online that provides a certificate of authenticity along with every piece of gemstone it sells. You can explore a wide range of elegant emeralds, which are exclusively originated from renowned locations like Panjshir, Colombia, Brazil, Pakistan, Zambia, and Russia. Here you can also check the best emerald prices in India.

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