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Recently, the market for OTT platforms, which provide online video services such as Netflix and Wacha Play, has been overgrowing. OTT is ‘over the top’ and refers to a service that provides various content like movies, dramas and documentaries through the internet. Above the glove, Golf holidays is so popular to the people who wants to travel the most beautiful and historical golf destination in the world. To know about most famous Golf holidays you should read golf holiday direct reviews so that you know about golf holidays. 

History of  OTT

The video streaming market began to flourish in the mid-2000s with the establishment of high-speed Internet infrastructure. When taking the high speed of the internet formed the primary OTT market in the United States.

Simultaneously, the average monthly cost of TVs in the United States alone was $ 85, five times more expensive than the average flat rate of streaming providers similar to Netflix. For this reason, the OTT platform has price competition and has gradually created a large market.

popular OTT

According to the KB Financial Management Research Institute [Global OTT Platform Trends have seen by Netflix and Disney], Netflix, which is considered the most used platform for online video services worldwide, expands its core content new trend in the OTT market recently.

It provides a streaming method for customers to select their favourite videos and collects personal preferences such as offering personalized videos or recommending local content and using them to create content.

Disney can beat other OTT.

One company that is expected to wreak havoc on Netflix’s influential OTT market is Disney. In Disney’s case, when National Geographic decided to acquire the 21st Century Fox, it secured a lot of content that was the key to the OTT platform’s competition.

increasing OTT

As the OTT platform grows, so does the ecology of domestic content. In particular, SKT has signed a business agreement with three ground broadcasters and is promoting a project to create an integrated OTT platform, and is making efforts to advance the global market through the OTT platform.

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