Legal assistance 101: Finding an accident attorney in Tucson

An unexpected car accident in Tucson can throw your life off the track. Almost one-third of all car accidents in Arizona have disturbing consequences. If your injuries are serious, medical bills will pile up in no time, and you may have to deal with income loss that can add to financial distress. Talking to a capable Tucson auto accident attorney can help you understand your scope to recover compensation. Arizona is a fault state. If the other driver (who owed you a duty of care) was negligent, you could recover your damages from their insurer. In this guide on legal assistance, find what it takes to hire a good lawyer, but before that, let’s take a look at Arizona laws. 

Arizona car accident laws

If you want to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party, you need to act within the given deadline. Arizona’s statute of limitations allows two years from the accident date to file such lawsuits. The deadline applies to wrongful death and property damage lawsuits too. There is also the “pure comparative fault” rule, which can impact your settlement. If you were at fault for the accident, your compensation would be lessened by the percentage equal to your fault. 

How to shortlist auto accident attorneys?

Ask around. If you can get recommendations from friends and other people, that’s always an advantage. Most personal injury law firms in Tucson have their websites, where you can find details of their practicing auto accident attorneys. You can also check on websites like Avvo. Online reviews are handy for comparing options. more movies download jio rockers telugu

What to ask an attorney?

When you meet an auto accident attorney for the first time, you need to ask questions like –

  1. How frequently do you work on car accident cases?
  2. How long have you been practicing as an accident attorney in Tucson?
  3. Are you available to answer my questions?
  4. Do you take a contingency fee? What about other costs?
  5. Can you share details of your top settlements?
  6. What is the worth of my claim?
  7. What if I had a role in causing the accident?
  8. Can you guide me on the claims process?

Not all accident attorneys are the same. Experience and expertise may vary, and proficient and known attorneys can charge more than others. The good part is you don’t pay the lawyer right away. If the lawyer wins, they will get a fixed percentage of your financial settlement, not usually exceeding 40%. 

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