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Keyboard is one of the well-known musical instruments, which is being used widely in film music, concerts, dramas, and many other significant places. Keyboard comprises of various keys for playing 12 various notes. In recent evolution, electronic keyboards and digital keyboards were being used. Digital Keyboards are coming up with various advanced features. Keyboard players can play Piano, Player piano, Electronic organ, and various other modes of music included in it. Music adherents who are seeking to Learn Indian Classical Music – Keyboard can start the musical journey with prominent training by approaching Saamaveda Music Academy.

How to Learn Keyboard Online?

Keyboard Classes Online and Offline will be provided at our academy. Keyboard Online class will be offered on Skype platform. The timings will be flexible and the music adherents can select their preferable slot. Individual and group classes will be provided for the learners. Mostly, individual classes or special classes will be arranged in weekends. Students will be thoroughly guided in Keyboard course from basics to advanced topics. Beginners, Intermediate seekers, or advanced learners can take Online Keyboard Classes. Personal attention, guidance, and support will be provided by the tutors during the course. Professional teaching staff are striving hard to provide the quality subject and cover all the Keyboard topics for the students. Apart from Keyboard, Carnatic music will be simultaneously taught for the music learners.

Indian Classical Music | Carnatic Music – Keyboard Course Curriculum

In Keyboard Classes initially, theory and basics about the keyboard will be taught. Carnatic Music Basics will be taught for the Keyboard learners. After that various concepts will be taught such as Reading Sheet Music (Basic), Playing Sheet Music (Basic), andC Major Scale. Students will be guided to play the songs proficiently on Keyboard. During the course, students will be given complete guidance for the doubts, will be assisted with complete notes, tips to play the keyboard well, and students will be encouraged to learn the course peacefully without stress.

Keyboard Classes Offered in Saamaveda Music Academy

  • Keyboard Classes For Beginners
  • Intermediate Keyboard Classes
  • Advanced Keyboard Classes

For beginners, intermediate, and advanced aspirants, the course curriculum and duration of the course will be different. Aspirants who wish to Learn Keyboard Online, who discontinued the course after some concepts, and advanced candidates seeking to polish their knowledge further can join the Keyboard course as per their priority.

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