The HUAWEI Watch 3 is the first smartwatch from the Far East manufacturer to come onto the market with the Harmony OS operating system developed in-house. It offers compatibility with Android and iOS. In addition, it has an eSIM, as befits its standing, so that it can be used for communication independently of the smartphone. The collection differs in befitting variants and the pro models. The latter are slightly larger and accommodate a battery with more capacity. In addition, the HUAWEI Watch 3 is equipped with an even higher quality titanium case – the basic versions are made of stainless steel. Fall detection with an automatic emergency call function also makes the smartwatch a companion for all those who want a higher level of security. Different sports can be recorded indoors and outdoors. In addition to the pulse, the smartwatch tracks the oxygen content in the blood. It is also characterized by a sensor that determines the body temperature.

Pro models made of titanium and with more generous dimensions. New operating system is introduced

Standard version or Pro model? This question is associated with no difference in the functionality of the HUAWEI Watch 3. Rather, it revolves around external features. The Pro versions offer slightly higher quality properties due to a titanium case. At 48 x 49.5 millimeters, they are also a little more generous. There is a choice between a version with a brown leather strap and an alternative with a silver link strap made of stainless steel.

HUAWEI has the same options for the classic Watch 3. Here, however, there is a third copy in black with a silicone strap. With these smartwatches, the diameter of the stainless steel case is 46.2 millimeters. They weigh 54 grams and are therefore exactly ten grams lighter than the titanium versions.

All watches in the collection use the identical OLED display. It is 1.43 inches diagonal. The corresponding resolution of the touchscreen is 466 x 466 pixels. The two buttons are a noticeable feature. Of these, the upper one emerges at two o’clock. It is the rotating crown that enables a new operating concept at HUAWEI. The button positioned at four o’clock is now a classic button. The entire series is waterproof up to 5 ATM, so swimming with these wearables is no problem

Communicate, play sports, pursue health

An eSIM is appropriately integrated in all variants of the HUAWEI Watch 3 and HUAWEI Watch 3 .It gives the smartwatch independence from the smartphone – if this is desired. If you don’t want this, you can typically use it as an extended arm of the cell phone. However, if it is to act independently, the wearer can accept calls on the wrist and send messages without an existing Bluetooth connection. Practically self-explanatory, the intelligent watch notifies its wearer even when it is paired with a mobile phone

The eSIM turns out to be particularly useful when it comes to the safety of the owner. The HUAWEI Watch 3 has a fall sensor. If it detects a fall, it can automatically make an emergency call.

The intelligent watch has two modes that determine the battery life. If it is used as a classic smartwatch, the Watch 3 can last up to three days and the Watch 3 can last up to five days on one charge due to the larger built-in battery. In the so-called “ultra-long mode”, it only needs to be supplied with new energy after 14 or 21 days.

Athletes get their money’s worth with this wearable. For a long time, you have not only benefited from precise measurement of your pulse and oxygen levels in your blood (SpO2). The HUAWEI Watch 3 records 17 activities in detail. It also supports 85 more. Thanks to GPS, GLONASS and Beidou, routes such as bike tours or jogging laps can be tracked. Swimming is also no problem with this smart watch.

The body temperature, which the HUAWEI Watch 3 determines via the skin with a corresponding sensor, is an indicator of health. Sleep and stress levels are also recorded. The app, which is available for Android and iOS, gives users detailed insights. You will also get tips on how to optimize your lifestyle.

A 16 gigabyte memory offers space to store your favorite music for on the go. It can be played back via Bluetooth headphones, among other things. The new operating system Harmony OS ensures broader support for apps than was the case with the Lite OS used previously. Applications can be easily downloaded and installed, expanding the functionality of the HUAWEI Watch 3.

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